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Zumax 950 Watt X4 Review

Price: $144.00


As enthusiasts, we want to make sure that our latest build will have an adequate amount of power to cover the devices we plan to use to complete the system. If you cruise any enthusiast site's forums (preferably OverclockersClub) you will see no end of problems associated with inadequate power supplies. So how much is really enough when it comes down to choosing a power supply? 500 watts? 600, 700, 900 or more? The choice comes down to the number of devices consuming power in your build. If you are building an e-mail and gaming "lite" computer for the family, which features a single hard drive, mainstream discrete graphics card and not a whole lot else, then 500 watts or less will do the trick for that build. Now if you are building that high end rig with dual video cards, four hard drives, a water cooled Quad core processor, as well as a ton of high RPM fans, then 500 watts just wont cut the mustard.

The Zumax 950 watt power supply I will be testing today is part of the X4 linup of power supplies produced by Zumax. The X4 line includes power supplies from 750 watts the 1050 watts. The X4 950 features six +12v lines at 20 amps each, one 5v rail at 28 amps and the 3.3volt line at 28 amps as well. So will the 950 watts advertised by the Zumax X4 950 be able to stand up to a load and provide the power we all want? Let's find out.

Closer Look:

The Zumax X4 950 watt power supply comes in a flashy box with all of the necessary information about the unit integrated into all sides of the package. The front panel illustrates the X4 950 and highlights all of the specs. SLI-Multi GPU support and multi core CPU support are listed front and center. The rear panel mimics the front, minus a few specifications.



The left hand side panel highlights connectivity options and touches on the "Turbo fan switch" and included cable straps. The right hand panel lists the specifications of each power supply in the X4 lineup, including connectivity options.



The Zumax X4 is well packed to prevent any shipping damage. The power supply is enclosed in bubble wrap, protecting the finish. The rest of the contents are strategically placed to fill in the gaps.



Shipped with the Zumax 950 are a power cord, velcro cable ties, a detailed manual and a set of cable connector caps.



The protective cable end caps are pliable enough to fit over the end of the connection to seal out dust when not being used. They are included for the 6-pin PCI-E, 4-pin molex and SATA power lines.

  1. Introduction & Closer look
  2. Closer Look ( Power Supply)
  3. Specifications & Features
  4. Testing (Setup, Idle, Load, Airflow Testing)
  5. Conclusion
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