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Zowie IO 1.1 Professional Gaming Bundle Review

Price: $87.99


As a gamer, you know what it takes to be the best. Not only do you need to put in hard work and practice into your gaming skill, but you need good peripherals to back you up. Besides having a great rig for gaming, you should have a great keyboard, mouse, and a great surface for that mouse. This is where Zowie comes in, with its IO 1.1 Professional Gaming Bundle. I bet the first thing that comes to your mind is "I have never heard of Zowie Gear." If you haven't, you're not alone, because I hadn't until now either. Zowie Gear is a newcomer to the market of gaming peripherals, and this is its first release featuring a mouse. Prior to the release of the Gaming Bundle, all Zowie Gear had out was its series of waterproof mouse pads.


This bundle features a mouse and a water proof mouse pad, as well as carrying case for the mouse. The mouse itself is a Microsoft IO1.1 optical mouse, which has a special coating on it not found on a plain IO1.1.

Closer Look:


Upon looking at this bundle, the first thing to catch my eye was the huge "mouse carpet" inside. This mouse pad is 440mm x 380mm x 4mm, or for those of you who don't use metric, it's 17.32" x 14.96" x 0.15". This is a huge monster of a mouse pad. On the packaging, it describes it as being water resistant like Zowie's other mouse pads. Aside from our "mouse carpet" there is a mouse, Microsoft Intelli Explorer Optical 1.1, and a CO/GENES mouse bag.





The mouse itself, which is a Microsoft Intelli Explorer Optical 1.1, isn't really that special aside from the special coating Zowie has applied, and the Zowie logo above the Microsoft logo. Apart from that, there really isn't anything special to be found, at least without first letting it out of the box, but even then we can't really be sure how it performs until we use it right. Unlike other mice out there, this one does not have on the fly DPI adjustment, or any sort of speed adjustment to speak of. No software is provided either in order to provide any sort of customization. There is also the CO/GENES mouse bag, which is small and stylish, but not too small to house the entire mouse. This sort of bundle is a rather neat idea that I have yet to see from other companies, but I would like to see it packaged with a better mouse than this.


Without further introduction let's look closer at this bundle we have.

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  3. Features
  4. Testing: The Mouse
  5. Testing: The Mousepad
  6. Conclusion
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