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Zowie G-TF Speed Review

Price: $24.99


ZOWiE is a small company that was founded in late 2008 to develop some of the best gaming gear. With its headquarters based in Huntington Beach, California, business is made by selling mouse pads, mice, keyboards, headsets, and their popular branded Speedy Skatez. Today we take a look at their G-TF Speed Edition, an improvement of the original G-TF.

The ZOWiE G-TF mouse pad was designed by the popular Abdisamad “SpawN” Mohamed, a 12-time world champion of Counter Strike. The G-TF Speed is the new and improved version of the pad, designed to decrease friction, provide higher precision, and still have an easy-to-clean surface.

With a mouse pad being a key investment in any setup, it is important to find the right one. In a gaming setup it becomes an even more important selection so that your head is the last one to be shot. Today we’ll find out if the ZOWiE G-TF can deliver on its promises!

Closer Look:

The ZOWiE G-TF came in an interesting, non-mouse pad-shaped box. Not too uncommon, the box plays a slight trick on your mind. The pad comes rolled up in a box that is the height of the mouse pad but only about two inches in width. The box is rather plain, coming in grey, black, and white. It features a SpawN logo that appears almost car-like with a white stripe down the center of the box.








The upper portion of the box reminds you what company is in charge with a black ZOWiE logo. About a third of the way down the box is a small, circular peephole, which attempts to give you a glance of the magic inside. You really cannot see much more than the fact that it is black.



Out of the box the ZOWiE G-TF finally gives you a true idea of what it is. Unrolling the pad, it seems to want to roll back up, but this will go away with use — besides, it rolls towards your desk instead of your mouse; therefore it won’t even be a problem. The pad is all black except for a red SpawN logo in the lower left corner, screen-printed on, and a red ZOWiE-embroidered logo on the upper right edge of the pad.




The entire surface has a near-plastic feel but still has the flex of a fabric pad. The reverse is a glossy rubber back that smells slightly like fireworks from China — don’t ask why I know this (I’m sure you will understand if you get one). Seems like a nice backing material that will stick well to any surface.

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