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Zowie EC2 Review

Price: $50.99


Perhaps it is time you get a new mouse that isn’t covered with your grimy Cheeto-hand prints. It might not be your mouse that is making you miss all those head shots, but with the addition of the ZOWIE EC2 White mouse, your excuses of your mouse “sucking” won’t stand any longer. With up to 2000 DPI at your fingertips you will have to come up with some new excuses as to why your kill count is so low. Nonetheless, this mouse is of plug-n-play style with no cumbersome drivers to install, and changing your DPI settings is as simple as pressing the button on the bottom side of the mouse (because we all know that changing your DPI mid-game isn’t as useful as manufacturers would like you to believe).

If you have seen ZOWIE’s recently reviewed G-TF Speed Mousepad, Zowie G-TF, and you think you are ready for a mouse to go with it, then the EC2 White might just be for you. Known for their extremely simple designs and high accuracy, today we look at the ZOWIE EC2 White mouse. Do you think you are ready for it?

Closer Look:

The box comes in the usual simple greys of ZOWIE products with a plastic shell revealing the secret to what greatness is to be inside. The front of the box reveals a color-changing wheel that correlates to the three quick change DPI settings made available from the button on the bottom side of the mouse. The back of the box is internationally friendly with quick specifications in 9 different languages.













Opening the box, a simple, white mouse with grey cord is revealed. The first thing I noticed was how light the cable was — something I really can say I’m looking forward to. An awesome aluminum-printed ZOWIE sticker is found as a nice touch to the package contents; it looks great stuck on our mini “beverage” fridge. The mouse itself is VERY white and VERY slick to the feel. The bottom sports some of the largest skates I have ever seen on a mouse; they are the patented Speedy Skatez, which can easily be purchased for replacement if you are a bit rough on your mouse.




The button on the bottom of the mouse is used to simply change from one DPI setting to the next. The color of the scroll wheel indicates the current DPI selection. Red represents 500 DPI, purple 1000 DPI, and blue 2000 DPI. But if those settings don’t satisfy your control standards then you still always have the basic Windows adjustments to back you up.



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