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ZEROtherm Zen CPU Cooler FZ120 Review

Price: $39.99


Are you building a new computer based on some of the newer processors that have been coming out from Intel lately? All of the Intel processors can produce a lot of heat, especially when it comes to overclocking them to the 1GHz mark or higher. This is when picking a cooler comes into play. When it comes to deciding which cooler is the right fit for you, you need to take a look at the size and price of the cooler in question. You may want to take a look at the ZEROtherm Zen CPU cooler FZ120. The Zen CPU cooler is built with a very simple tower design, which has proven to cool a processor very well in the past.

Closer Look:  

When you take a look at the front of the packaging for the ZEROtherm Zen CPU Cooler, you are able to see right in the center of the package, that there is a cutout that shows the large 120mm fan that has been mounted on the cooler to allow for better cooling possibilities. There is also a little banner in the upper left hand corner of the packaging that mentions that the ZEROtherm Zen CPU Cooler has been optimized for Intel Core 2 Quad/Duo processors, which are some of the most popular chips on the market right now. There are also six little pictures on the front of the package that depict the main features of the ZEROtherm Zen CPU Cooler, such as Killer Performance, Optimized Design, Silence Innovations, Automatic Fan Control, Effective Heatpipes, and Maximum Airflow. When you take a look the back of the packaging, you will see a quick installation guide, which pictures the dimensions and compares the cooler to the size of a micro-ATX board. On one of the sides, there is a Compatibility List that shows you all of the different processors that this cooler has been rated to cool effectively, as well as which socket types it is able to be mounted on. The other side of the ZEROtherm Zen CPU Cooler's package is where you will find the specifications of the unit.  









When you pull everything out of the package, you'll find the cooler, an installation booklet, a 120mm fan, a bag of goodies containing AMD Socket clips, as well as the clips needed to mount the 120mm fan on the ZEROtherm Zen CPU Cooler. ZEROtherm also packaged a tube of their thermal paste in the bag, just incase whom ever bought the Zen CPU Cooler did not have any paste laying around.   


Now on to a closer look at the ZEROtherm Zen CPU Cooler FZ120, and to see how it has been put together so we can see exactly how big it is.  

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