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ZEROtherm Core 92 Review



To test the ZEROtherm Core 92 CPU heat sink, it was installed with the included thermal paste and tested in four intervals. The first two intervals tested the heat sink with the Core i7 920 running at stock speed with no turbo for a base run, with normal heat load at idle in Vista, and then loaded with Prime95 small FFT's in half hour intervals. The two intervals were then repeated with the processor overclocked to 3.33GHz (166BCLK x 20 multiplier). The CPU voltage was set to 1.25V, and the testing was done inside a case for real world results rather than on a test-bench in open air. The Core 92 will be pitted against the Gelid Silent Spirit, which is another 92mm heat sink, along with the stock Intel heat sink and three behemoth 120mm heat sinks. Ambient temperature was 76F (~24.5C), and the resulting temperatures are rounded out averages of the temperature for each core.

Testing System:


Comparison Heat sinks:







Overall, the ZEROtherm Core 92 performed great, putting up a nice fight for its size. It idled higher than the others, but at load it bested the Gelid and stock Intel heat sinks by far, and came close to the Transformer 4, which has two 120mm fans versus the single 92mm fan found on the Core 92. Definitely a good showing; this petite heat sink did very well.

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