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Zalman CNPS 5100-Cu heatsink review



First a brief minute about Zalman. Zalman, based out of Korea, is a company that specializes in keeping your system quiet. The "CPNS" in CPNS 5100-Cu is an acronym for, "Computer Noise Prevention System". Zalman, thrives at creating exceptional heatsinks and using super quiet fans and providing a fan controller, to allow the user to adjust the fan noise down. They were the world first in reducing computer's noise down to lower than 20dB while still keeping the CPU of the system cool, now that is impressive.

Yesterday, I did a review on the CPNS6000-CU heatsink, another Zalman product. Today, I will be reviewing a newer product that Zalman offers, the CNPS 5100-Cu heatsink. The CNPS 5100-Cu doesn't look as unique as the CPNS6000-CU heatsink, however it does have its own unique design. Zalman, has chosen to engineer the CNPS 5100-Cu like the conventional heatsinks we are use to seeing, but with their own little twist.


This is the box the heatsink came in, nothing special just a plain retail box with some specs on the side.

What you get

  • The heatsink
  • Bag of screws
  • Springs
  • Extra parts
  • Fan Mate 1
  • Thermal grease
  • Fan

    Now this is a first, a bag of extra parts! Zalman must be known for this, because the review I did a yesterday, on the CPNS6000-CU heatsink, had extra parts with it as well.


    Heatsink Specifications

    FHS Specifications
    Part No. ZM4360EE-Cu
    Dimensions (mm) 90(L) x 66(W) x 70(H)
    Dissipating Area (cm2) 1500
    Dissipating Material Pure Copper
    Weight (g) *344
    Thermal Resistance (Deg.C/W) Silent Mode 0.39
    Normal Mode 0.23
    *Note 1) CNPS5100-Cu exceeds AMD�s heatsink mass specification of 300g, so special care should be taken when moving the computer. Zalman Tech. Co., Ltd. is not responsible for any damage to systems or CPUs caused by moving the computer after installing the CNPS5100-Cu.

    FAN Specifications

    GM1206PTVX-AF Silent Mode Normal Mode
    Dimensions (mm) 60(L) X 60(H) X 25(W)
    Weight (g) 55
    RPM 3000 RPM +-10% 5200 RPM +-10%
    Noise Level 20.0dB +-10% 36.0dB +-10%
    Bearing Type Vapo

    FAN RPM Controller Specifications

    FAN MATE 1 Specifications
    Dimensions (mm) 200(L) X 23(W) X 21(H)
    Weight (g) 20g
    Output Voltage 5V ~ 11V +-2%
    Allowable Wattage 6W or lower

    1. Introduction & Specfications
    2. Closer look & Installation
    3. Testing & Conclusion
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