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Zalman ZM-M600R Gaming Mouse Review


Zalman ZM-M600R Gaming Conclusion:

In the end I wasn't sold on the Zalman ZM-M600R gaming mouse. I can carry on the rant from the testing pages on my annoyance with the lack of buttons on this mouse, but I'm sure that's been stated enough throughout the review. It's apparently becoming a popular choice for some professional gamers, and it's hard to say if they honestly like them or, like most people, like to get free stuff. If they do actually like this lacking of buttons I won't put up a fight, we all have different tastes; many of you are in this small boat and won't even get to the end of the review because of it. It's fine. I'm not saying I want many buttons beneath my thumb, and I'm not saying every mouse should be designed for MMOs, but I will say it's time for mice to follow a standard of having the basic buttons. I will include the forward/back as basic buttons. This isn't the early 90s where a scroll wheel was a feature! Let's move on…

The mouse, in general, is not a terrible mouse. I can see where those who pick up mice a lot (I actually tend to from time to time) like it because they don't bump buttons. It's a pretty plain jane mouse and for some that's enough. The lack of "real" software doesn't really hurt this mouse, but it does limit the adjustability and customization one can really have. This is a pro and con at the same time. It means you can travel rig to rig without the need of software flashing, but it also means you are kinda stuck with what you've got. The coloring bugged me a little since it forced me to have a red scroll wheel – totally clashing with my desk (kidding).

Overall, the Zalman ZM-M600R is not a knock out game winning mouse, but it's a reasonably priced mouse worth considering if you don't want extra buttons getting in your way.



  • No forward/back buttons to get in the way (for some of you this is a pro)
  • Very simple. No special drivers/software
  • Quick plug and play on any machine
  • Braided cable with quality parts and reasonable price


  • No forward/back buttons in the normal location (back is in a weird place – poor melee option)
  • Limited to options at the switches/hacking the firmware
  • Color options aren't "options" – stuck with it


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