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Zalman ZM-M600R Gaming Mouse Review


Zalman ZM-M600R Gaming Closer Look:

Time for the top down. The Zalman ZM-M600R is split right down the middle - symmetrical. This mouse is identical left to right, especially rolling without forward/back buttons to be a bi-handed mouse. It'll swing left for leftys and right for rightys; completely up to the user. With that said that means there's really no preference on shape because of the ambidextrous talent and seems to leave either hand wanting a little more.

The bottom side of the mouse shows a bit of a smiley face with its skates, with two smaller upper skates and a larger lower one. It doesn't seem like much, but in use it seems sufficient. The upper skates seem to be a little thicker in compensation for their size. Besides the model and website listing on the bottom and typical serial number with barcode, the Zalman ZM-M600R has two physical switches to the left and right of the sensor. One is for DPI and the other polling rate. The switches can literally be manually moved for configuration of the mouse. The options include DPI: 600, 1000, 1600, 4000 and Polling Rate: Auto, 125, 500, and 1000. For the majority of my use, I found 1000 (polling rate) and 1600 (DPI) to be acceptable.



A closer look at the bottom of the mouse gives a better look at the switches. They are pretty easy to move, but a little difficult to get to stop where you want. Having nails puts me at a slight advantage, but I think most of you can handle it nonetheless.

The cable on the mouse is actually really nice. I say that in an almost surprised tone, but really shouldn't. This mouse actually is pretty substantial for its price – I think I'm a little miffed about not having the forward and back buttons (at least where I like them – I am thankful for a back button). The cable has a nice red and black braided cable that really keeps from being tangled in my recent mess of cables. It is done well and will keep it looking nice for time to come. The USB connector is a standard gold plated connector ready for your abuse.



Most of the mouse is flat black with a nice dull texture that isn't too hot or sweat attracting. Around the edge there is a glossier black, but lacks too much of your touch. It gives it a nice look without getting in the way. Again you see here, left to right, the mouse is pretty much the same. I'll point out again that the little button below the scroll wheel labeled with the Z is actually intended to be the back button for browser use. I wouldn't say it's great for gaming options, but at least it's something.



The Zalman ZM-M600R is a pretty basic mouse. There isn't too much more I can really show you picture wise. I'll tell you more about the software (sorta software, I should say) and practical use in the next few pages, but the only thing left is to actually show your favorite, pictures of the lighting. Unlike most mice I've shared with you, this one has little control over the lighting. It has a nice cycle of coloring on the ZM logo on the palm, which breathes through several colors. The scroll wheel is based on the DPI selection: 600 = yellow, 1000 = blue, 1600 = red, 4000 = purple. Probably a difficult choice if you're really trying to match coloring but not much you can really do.



  1. Zalman ZM-M600R Gaming Mouse: Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Zalman ZM-M600R Gaming Mouse: Closer Look
  3. Zalman ZM-M600R Gaming Mouse: Closer Look: The Software
  4. Zalman ZM-M600R Gaming Mouse: Specifications & Features
  5. Zalman ZM-M600R Gaming Mouse: Testing & Results
  6. Zalman ZM-M600R Gaming Mouse: Conclusion
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