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Zalman ZM-M600R Gaming Mouse Review

Price: $38.99

Zalman ZM-M600R Gaming Mouse Introduction:

A mouse and keyboard aren't something you really think about when you sit down at a computer, yours or not; it's just something very natural. However, when it is your own machine, you tend to have a preference on what you use in and out of game. I know I personally have a preference for keyboards, and even more so mice. Style and features play a key role in just how long I will tolerate a mouse on my desk. This sometimes even applies when it's not my own… oops.

Today we're going to take a look at the Zalman ZM-M600R gaming mouse, which claims to be the "Real 4K DPI Gaming Mouse." My last review was on a mouse without the forward and back buttons, and it seems this is becoming a trend (despite my apprehension). The Zalman ZM-M600R also lacks these buttons, leaving you with the simplistic world when computers first became available to the home setting; caveman era! I guess it's a hit or miss on the liking for this claimed "competitive style," but we'll start this review out with the fair bias it shall have – I like my forward/back buttons, and I don't like them being taken way. With that said, I try to be just to the mouse having shown up without them.

The Zalman ZM-M600R stabs at the New Year's resolution of all of us upgrading to the 4K resolution; double pun there. The idea presented is the fact that it can scan across a 4K monitor in the same time your generic mouse can scan a regular "HD" monitor. While we can all call a bit of hoo-ha on this with relation to difference in DPI settings, etc., I'll leave it alone. The Engrish on the product page is good enough for your entertainment. I won't laugh too much, as most of us are used to this – a lot of product pages have their own spin on English, just as I do as well. I'm quite curious to see how this mouse turns out – it seems pretty simplistic with physical switches for DPI and an okay price to go along with it (~$40USD).


Zalman ZM-M600R Gaming Mouse Closer Look:

From the packaging I wasn't exactly sure what was in the box UPS had brought me. Opened up and it was quite clear – the Zalman packaging gives no lack of a hint as to what is inside by presenting it right through a fitted plastic bubble. You can hold the mouse and get a feel for it without ever opening it up. I've always found this a benefit in stores (although it seems most of us buy things online these days). The box is graphical, although not so sure it's specific to the mouse as the model "ZM-M600R" is hard to have a relation to a subway image or something. The front of the box rattles off some of its specs, while the rear of the box puts them in paragraph form for ten different languages. But the box, as much as we always talk about it, well, let's get on to the mouse…



Out of the box, there isn't much inside, which is expected. It's a mouse – I really only need it and any possible attachable/detachable accessories it might come with, or perhaps a company sticker or two for the "beverage" fridge. Regardless, we've got a mouse with a nice red and black braided cable and a quick guide in multiple languages "For USB Mouse." First glance, it is a pretty simple mouse. There are a couple switches on the bottom we'll look at on the next page, a scroll wheel, two standard left/right buttons, and a middle "Z" button (which turns out to be the missing "back" button). The ZM logo at the palm as well as the middle button will clearly light up… so let's get to it! NEXT PAGE. GO.

  1. Zalman ZM-M600R Gaming Mouse: Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Zalman ZM-M600R Gaming Mouse: Closer Look
  3. Zalman ZM-M600R Gaming Mouse: Closer Look: The Software
  4. Zalman ZM-M600R Gaming Mouse: Specifications & Features
  5. Zalman ZM-M600R Gaming Mouse: Testing & Results
  6. Zalman ZM-M600R Gaming Mouse: Conclusion
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