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Zalman Z-Machine ZM-K700M Gaming Keyboard Review


Zalman Z-Machine ZM-K700M Testing:

Today we are going to be testing the Zalman Z-Machine ZM-K700M gaming keyboard to see how well it works under pressure. We spend a lot of time with keyboards and mice throughout the day, whether it be playing games or working on day-to-day tasks. I spent a good solid week using this keyboard as my only keyboard for both work and play. I work out of my house so I am at my computer about eighty percent of the day for work, school and playtime. As such, the ZM-K700M was used a lot during that week. In the evening, I used the LED backlighting as my source of light to see the keys in order to see how well they stood out.


Testing Setup:


Zalman Z-Machine ZM-K700M Results:

General Usage:

General typing usage for work and school was pretty good. The lack of the palm rest did show when typing up my school papers for my Master's degree, which normally consist of 30+ pages. After a few hours, the fatigue really set in; something I am not used to when using my Thermaltake Meka G1. As such, it seems like even a small piece of plastic can make all the difference.

I didn't have any issues with the key presses; no missed keys or double presses like I have had on some keyboards. The tactile feedback of the Cherry MX keys really did help to make sure I had the right key presses each time. The placement of the key layout was perfect, as I had no issues finding the right keys compared to some keyboards with an enlarged Enter key. All in all, it was a joy to type on as long as you are not going for long periods of time. If you are, then I would recommend one of the gel palm rests to go with this keyboard.


Gaming Usage:

Gaming is where this keyboard really shined. They key presses were quick and instant with little force needed, making sure that when I wanted to move I did. While playing games like Battlefield Hardline and World of Warships, there were absolutely no control issues with this keyboard. The feedback of the keys made sure I knew the key was pressed correctly and I never had to second guess.

The LED backlighting worked amazing in low light because I could quickly find the right key that I needed to press. The macro keys worked great as I set up a movement macro in World of Warships that made my ship zig zag in a loop. The timing of when I pressed the keys for the macro were recorded as well, so it made the macro even more useful. This is a great design feature and one I really liked to see on a keyboard of this caliber. My only complaint with the gaming side is when I game I use my USB headset, and it would have been better if there was a USB hub included on the keyboard for ease of use.


Now that we have the testing done, we can move over to the conclusion.

  1. Zalman Z-Machine ZM-K700M: Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Zalman Z-Machine ZM-K700M: Closer Look (Continued)
  3. Zalman Z-Machine ZM-K700M: Specifications & Features
  4. Zalman Z-Machine ZM-K700M: Testing & Results
  5. Zalman Z-Machine ZM-K700M: Conclusion
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