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Zalman Z9 & Z11 NEO Review


Zalman Z9 NEO & Z11 NEO Conclusion:

Reviewing both cases at the same time makes it interesting. You get to directly compare them with each other. Both of these cases are similar in size, and the feature sets are also fairly close. Neither case stood out much from the other - I like the style of the Z11 a little more, but the Z9 comes with a better compliment of fans. The use of  space is also similar in both cases, although the I like the cable management a little better on the Z9 with the lower compartment that hides the power supply - but then you are covering up a power supply you may want to show off. And the Z11 has the cool, removable hard drive cages.

So either way, I see it as a wash. Really, the only thing I didn't like was the use of Molex connectors on some of the fans between the two cases. There was a time when that type of connector was used everywhere in a computer, but I was a little surprised to see them in these cases. Not a show stopper - just something I wasn't expecting.

Overall, I think both the Z9 NEO and the Z11 NEO are fine cases - I'll give them both the OCC Gold Award. As for pricing, you can find the Z9 for $79 and the Z11 for around the same price on Newegg. After rebates, they are in the $59 to $69 range and I think this is a fair price for what you get. Are you ready to build a new system? Check out the Z9 NEO and the Z11 NEO from Zalman and see which one is right for you!


Pros: Z9 NEO

  • Conservative style
  • Side window
  • Nice compliment of included fans
  • Blue LED top fans (two)
  • Designed for an ITX, micro-ATX, and standard ATX motherboard sizes
  • Support for a 240mm front  or top radiator
  • Space for up to a 420mm graphics card
  • Separate compartment for PSU, which helps with cable management

Cons: Z9 NEO

  • Use of Molex connectors - not a big fan of them
  • Style not quite as bold as the Z11



Pros: Z11 NEO

  • Great modern style with top louvered vent
  • Side window
  • Dual 80mm side fans for HDD cooling
  • Designed for micro-ATX and standard ATX motherboard sizes
  • Support for a 240mm top radiator
  • Support for GPUs up to 400mm in length
  • Removable hard drive cages

Cons: Z11 NEO

  • Use of Molex connectors - not a big fan of them
  • Cable management not quite as nice as Z9


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  3. Zalman Z9 NEO & Z11 NEO: Conclusion
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