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Thermaltake Xview Review


When one thinks about Thermaltake, usually the first thing to come to mind is high performance cooling. Products like the Orb Series, the Volcano 7 and 9, and the GF4 Cooler, have ranked among the best cooling products. Today we’ll be looking at a product from another side of Thermaltake, something that has absolutely nothing to do with cooling, the Thermaltake Xview.

What You Get
Included in the package was:

• 1x Xview Unit
• 1x Xaser III Series Light Strip
• 1x Sound Effective Controller
• 4x 5.25” Pictures
• 4x Xaser III Series Pictures
• 4x Mounting Screws
• 1x Instructions CD
• 1x Roll of Clear Plastic for Printing Your Own Images

A Closer Look

As you can see above, the Xview is simply a light strip attached to a 5.25” bay cover. However, instead of just putting out a light, Thermaltake has added plastic picture strips that can be placed in front of the Xview to give an illuminated picture. We’ll see this in just a moment. – For those that have an Xaser III case, or have seen the Xaser III cases, you know that they have and illuminated “Thermaltake” down the front Bezel. The Xview is that, but for a 5.25” bay. In fact, Thermaltake also included an extra light strip with the Xview, that can be used for the Xaser III cases. – And for those that haven’t seen the Xaser III cases, a picture of one is below… or you can visit Thermaltake’s Xaser III product page.

As I mentioned above, the Xview included a light strip that can be used to replace the one Xaser III, also included with the Xview are 4 preprinted images for the Xview, and 4 more for the Xaser. The Instruction CD also contains several hundred images that can be printed off and used. Here you can see the images that came with the Xview. What’s up with the Llamas?

Of course, to get the thing to light up, power is needed. Here you see the controller box, and the wires that came with the Xview. If you are thinking the big silver knob is to adjust the brightness level, you wrong. Don’t feel bad, it’s what I thought it did at first, too. :P Actually, the knob adjust the microphone sensitivity. Yup, this thing doesn’t just turn on and light up, it lights up to sound. And if your epileptic, or just want it on all the time, you can just turn it on. Both the Xview light strip and the Xaser III light strip can connect to this, that way they blink together.

As you can see, by it’s self the Xview puts off a soft blue glow, and the pictures give your computer a cool personalized look. Wonder if there will be any other colors later down the road?

The Xview is defiantly unique, and not something I would have seen Thermaltake making. The images are easy to make and swap out, allowing your computer to change with the seasons. I can just imagine the woman now leaving notes on it saying, “Remember to pick up milk and bread.” :)



  • Easy To Install
  • Bright
  • Sound Activated or On/Off
  • 300 Included Images or Make Your Own
  • Works with the Xaser III case


  • Brightness not adjustable


Big thanks to the gang at Thermaltake Technology Co. Ltd. for sending this to us for review.

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