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Xtreme Gear HP-1216B Review



To test the Xtreme Gear HP-1216B i set it up into the same exact setup as the other coolers to replicate the same exact conditions keeping the testing fair. The ambient temperature was kept at 22C degrees during the whole testing so that this will negate any outside interference. For the air coolers that offer the ability to adjust the fan speeds the tests will be run on both the lowest setting and the highest fan settings, the water coolers will be set at their default pump speeds or medium speed if variable to control noise. The Xtreme Gear HP-1216B will be put up against several other coolers including air coolers and two water cooling solutions to gauge performance based on stock and overclocked speeds. For the overclocked runs the processor was overclocked to 4.1GHz using 1.425 volts.


Testing System:


Comparison Coolers:










While the Xtreme Gear HP-1216B cooler was average with the other coolers during the stock idle tests the true colors seemed to shine as the load increased. Especially while overclocked with it being the coolest of the air coolers. When overclocked the stock cooler was not up to the task of cooling the 965 down and failed the testing.

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