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Xtracpads Hammer & Ripper Mouse Pad Review


We now have the XTrac Ripper, XTrac Hammer, and the ICEMAT Black to compare with. The main comparison points for all of the reviews are; Comfort, Size, Response, and Smoothness (Glide, whatever you wish to call it).

The ICEMAT Black is an excellent optical mousepad, and you can't help but love its sleek black design. Thus mouse surface was excellent for response and smoothness - two very important factors in a performance mousepad. However, relatively its size is quite small - and since a picture is worth a thousand words...

Also, the Icemat has a high profile at 6.2mm. It doesn't sound very high, but when your wrist is resting on an edge for a while, it gets rather annoying. I would highly recommend using a wrist pad when using the Icemat.

The XTrac Ripper is another great optical mousepad, with excellent response, comfort and surface area. However, it's lacking in the smoothness of the ICEMAT Black or the XTrac Hammer, which is unfortunate.

The XTrac Hammer makes up for the slight misgivings in both the Xtrac Ripper and the ICEMAT Black. This is one smooth mousepad, and I think we have a new desktop king. With an intensely low profile, excellent reponse and a smooth glide that makes even my MX700 feel like moving air, this one looks to be staying on top for a while!


So there you have it, the XTrac Hammer - a fantastic mousepad for the extreme gamers and hardcore computing world. Now if only they made it in a couple of colours to match your computer - then we'd have a mousepad made in hardcore heaven. It would also be great if XTracPads could create custom designs with clan logos or just hardcore gamers looking to be different. Thanks to XTracPads for sending us the Ripper and the Hammer, and thanks to ICEMAT for the ICEMAT Black.

We give the XTrac Hammer, the OCC Recommended Award!
OCC Silver

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. The XTrac Ripper
  3. The XTrac Hammer
  4. Comparison & Conclusion
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