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XTracPads Carbonic, Ripper, Ripper XXL Review


XTracPads Carbonic, Ripper, Ripper XXL: Conclusion

Surfaces, mouse pads, mats, whatever you want to call them, they are overall a good thing. XTracGear offers a good variety that lets anyone choose a size of surface that fits them best. It clearly knows what it is doing when XTracGear was designing the surfaces. They improved my gaming experience and random work experience on pretty much all fronts. I am no expert on optical surfaces, but I do feel the difference between the XTracGear and generic brands. I genuinely enjoyed using them. That being said, there is only a finite amount of value in a mouse pad. A good mouse pad needs good tracking, good durability, good grip, and a surface that allows for smooth but easy movement. Sure you can add in easy to clean or stylish, but I feel as if those four aspects are what really make or break a mouse pad (and not necessarily the gamer). Therefore, the question must be posed: how much can those aspects be improved while still being noticeable? Can this be done in such a way that it will not put the company or the consumer out? I don't have the full answers to these questions, but I can say that these particular products by XTracGear are good.

They are probably good enough to continue to be the companies main major product. They are different enough to appeal to different people per use. Such as gaming, work, and casual computer use. The RipperXXL is a bit on the extreme side for size, but it is more comfortable to rest on when it is covering your whole desk. A problem that they all suffer from is dirt and hair. I have pets and they love to climb all over the mats and my computer area. With this in mind, I will not likely use the RipperXXL because it is a huge amount of space to clean. A big characteristic that I won't have the ability to analyze for this review is the durability. Sure they feel sturdy now, but I have no idea what condition they will be in in a year or so. Finally, I am not sure about the price. They seem acceptable. At $15, $22, and $35 respectively, I think they are a little competitive (at least per square foot), but I haven't often shopped for a 648 square inch gaming surface.

From a casual gamer perspective, I am sure someone who can game competitively will likely notice a greater improvement than I. Personally, I have had trouble with mouse pads that were too hard, not stiff, but solid cutouts of plastic (I don't even know if they are made anymore really). I have also had issues with mouse pads that accumulate a bunch of gross after a bit of use. I can live with poor or cheap mouse pads, but now that I have had a taste of the other side I really don't want to anymore. I would easily pay $22 at this point to use some of such high quality as the XTracGears. No, I would not likely purchase the monster RipperXXL (that is well outside of my needs), but I see no problem with the others. I do wish they had more interesting designs, but if wishes were fishes, my computer would continuously evolve into the highest end gaming machine available. There are no real downsides to getting an XTracGear gaming mouse pad and at least a couple upsides, so go get one.



  • Solid build (seemingly time will tell)
  • High precision and sensitivity
  • Looks decent (Carbonic looks great)
  • Can pick and choose your favorite size for each occasion (or location)
  • Really good grip



  • Not very much variety
  • Slightly sharp laser cut edges
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  4. XTracPads Carbonic, Ripper, Ripper XXL: Conclusion
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