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XTracPads Carbonic, Ripper, Ripper XXL Review


XTracPads Carbonic, Ripper, Ripper XXL: Testing

The XTracPads were tested in a few different situations to get a good feel for them. The situations the pads were tested in include daily use, work, and play. After a few days of testing, I was able to find what these pads added to my experience and what they didn't. Sadly, these sort of items only allow for a opinion based review. I can say what I thought was good or bad, but it is hard to perform a "standard" review without really ferreting out how a mouse works optically and how the mouse pad materials respond. Therefore, my goal is to describe the way it performs very clearly. This way, I hope you can determine if you would agree or disagree with my opinion for each use. So now, to the best of my capabilities, I will describe my experience with the XTracPads and the reasons why I personally liked or disliked them.

Testing Setup

Comparison Surfaces:

  • Desk Surface
  • Generic Walmart Pad
  • Xtrac Carbonic
  • Xtrac Ripper
  • Xtrac RipperXXL



Though I cant claim to be 100% certain that the Xtrac pads were indeed more precise, I truly believe that they were. From the very start I felt like I was able to land on the mark more efficiently. The biggest difference was definitely between the desk surface and the pad, but there was a very noticeable difference between the generic pad and the Xtracs as well. There was even a very small difference in the precision between the Xtrac pads themselves. I believe I mentioned earlier that the Carbonic felt a slight bit more stiff compared to the larger models and I think that this contributed to the overall precision ever so slightly. However, due to how cumbersome the Rippers were, the very slight difference was easy to overlook.



For the speed comparison, I decided to take note of how easy it was to move the mouse across the surface and how well the pad handled swift motions on screen. So, I set my Thermaltake Talon to its highest speed setting (3000dpi) and trying to move across the screen as fast as I could while still functionally performing tasks. First, for web surfing, I noticed a very large difference. Moving fast was easy and there was a great reduction in mouse lag on the Xtracs. The desk was the easiest to move the mouse across at high speeds with the Carbonic, the Rippers just behind, and the generic Walmart pad at the very sluggish end. For actually functional speed, the Rippers were on top with the least amount of trailing and the most crisp movements. The Carbonic trailed them slightly followed by the generic Walmart pad and the desk closing in the end with very difficult to use responses. Gaming had very much the same results with the differences between the Carbonic and the rippers becoming even smaller.



For control I tested the pads in predominantly game based settings and basically made a composite category or precision and speed. Through a couple different platforms, I noticed slightly different results. First person shooters were improved greatly and most obviously. Real time strategy games were definitely affected, but not quite to the same degree. Third person shooters were the least affected in my opinion. For the FPS games, the large real-estate on the Rippers gave them the advantage as well as the very small amount of resistance they have compared to the Carbonic. This gave a very hair trigger feel to the action without feeling too loose. For real-time strategy games, the slightly loose feel of the Carbonic was better than the tighter feel on the Rippers, and allowed for great across map control. All of the Xtrac pads performed equally on third person games. I found that there was a bit less insistence on really high flying movements and pinpoint accuracy.



Overall I really liked the Xtrac performances and the three different models all performed very close to each other, while being well ahead of the competition. One thing I would like to note is that the laser cut edges on the Xtracs were rather sharp and can scuff your wrist pretty badly. Who knew that anti fray would come at such a cost. Finally, on to the conclusion.

  1. XTracPads Carbonic, Ripper, Ripper XXL: Introduction & Closer Look
  2. XTracPads Carbonic, Ripper, Ripper XXL: Specifications & Features
  3. XTracPads Carbonic, Ripper, Ripper XXL: Testing & Results
  4. XTracPads Carbonic, Ripper, Ripper XXL: Conclusion
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