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XTracPads Carbonic, Ripper, Ripper XXL Review

Price: $14.95, $21.95, $34.95

XTracPads Carbonic, Ripper, Ripper XXL: Introduction

Every reviewer has a moment where they get surprised by just how many items are marketed for gaming. That moment, for me, was when I was handed items from XTracGear. XTracGear is a line of ergonomic mouse and computer desk pads created by PCXmods. Before we get into the nitty gritty details, let's answer everyone's question, what is PCXmods? Well, PCXmods is a small company that was founded by a group of friends (according to the website) in 1999. After a typical LAN game, these friends decided they needed new mousepads, and PCXmods was created.

it now has fifteen different mouse pads and are turning its attention towards electronics. I will be looking into three of its fifteen mouse/desktop pads. These pads have a great customer satisfaction rating, and are the companies most popular mainstay (how else could the company have stayed afloat?). With this knowledge in mind, I am excited to review these and see if PCXmods can convince me that buying a gaming mousepad is actually worth the effort. Who knows, maybe at the end of this review, I'll have no idea how I ever lived without one.

XTracPads Carbonic, Ripper, Ripper XXL: Closer Look

The packaging is interesting. The smallest of the pads is in a flat cardboard envelope, while the larger two are in actual boxes. The smallest pad has the most flair on its box, showing off a stylized picture of its contents on the front with the model name on the top in huge bold letters. The backside is a little more telling. It has the features all identified with reference to the pad itself and the specifications. The features listed are the fray resistant laser cut edges, the polished textile surface for speed and precision, and the sure grip rubber backing to maximize mouse pad grip. At the bottom, to the right of the specifications, are the Xtrac logo, the 100% recyclable logo, a Facebook reference, the bar-codes, and five stars. Overall, I thought the red and black design was very classy and very fitting for a gaming product. Inside was the Carbonic, the smallest and cheapest at a whopping $15 dollars (which is a decent amount for a mouse pad if you ask me). 










It has a super cool striped design and has the logo and Carbonic name in the bottom right corner. It is almost exactly the size of a standard piece of printer paper at 8.5 x 11 inches, but for some weird reason never appears that way. Another thing I found strange is that the pad doesn't have perfect 90 degree angles. It is nearly an inch off in one corner (I don't think that his will impact performance at all, I just thought it was interesting). The topside of the pad is really smooth, a little stiff, and has an incredible fiber count on the topside. The bottom is thick rubber and has plenty of grip. You might notice that the corner of the pad is raised in the photo below of the rubber bottom. This was caused by it getting folded in packing and is a problem that may need addressing in the future (so long as I am not alone in my concern).





The next two mouse pads have very similar boxes, so I will only be covering one in detail. The box of the Ripper is very similar to the Carbonic in information, if not in any other way. Instead of a flat envelope like container, it is a long rectangular box. On the front side is the Ripper name on a black background with red edging. The top and bottom both have a red stripe through white on it, with black stripes through that and the Xtrac logo. The difference is, one has a picture bar-code and the other has the recycling symbol. The back side of the box is perpendicular to to the front in orientation and it lists the features and the specifications, which are identical to the first pad except for one detail.

Now, earlier when you read the size of the mouse pad as 8.5 x 11 inches, you may have been impressed (I thought that was pretty big), but that was nothing. The next step up is the Xtrac Ripper at a gigantic 17 x 11 inches. After opening the top, which says "open here for awesome", I found it rolled up and when unrolled it was large enough for a whole laptop to rest on! The size is really impressive. The surface is similar to the Carbonic, as well as the bottom. The minor differences are the lack of a stripe design on the Ripper and the surface of the Ripper seems to be more flexible then that of the Carbonic. At $22 the Ripper is a bit more expensive than the Carbonic for its given real estate.






The last pad isn't even referred to as such. The RipperXXL is called on its box an "extra extra large desk mat". Its box is identical to the Ripper's in every way except the size. What was inside the box left me rather awed. The RipperXXL is ridiculous in size. It is about half the size of a beach towel. At 36 x18 inches, it will cover the entirety of a small desk. I was able to place my fairly large keyboard and my mouse on it with tons of room to spare. I am not sure what the true use for a mat of such a size could be, but it is most impressive. After letting the shock pass, I took a closer look at the mat and realized that it is just like its smaller brothers. The same surface design, bottom rubber, and the same laser cut edges. The greatest difference between the RipperXXL and its smaller counterparts is price. This mat costs almost as much as the other two combined at $35. But enough about that let's see if these things are worth the cost.






  1. XTracPads Carbonic, Ripper, Ripper XXL: Introduction & Closer Look
  2. XTracPads Carbonic, Ripper, Ripper XXL: Specifications & Features
  3. XTracPads Carbonic, Ripper, Ripper XXL: Testing & Results
  4. XTracPads Carbonic, Ripper, Ripper XXL: Conclusion
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