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Xion Predator Gaming Series AXP 970 Review

Price: $79.99


With new video cards coming out all the time its getting hard to keep up. Don't they just seem to be getting longer and longer too? Something important to consider in any build certainly is a video card but another concern revolves around the length of the card. Will the case you get hold your new monstrous behemouth or will it struggle to contain it. Not only is it important to consider what length cards your case can handle but it's also just as important to buy a case that can hold everything else and keep it looking nice. A great case should not just simply hold your computer componets but should keep them cool and keep your setup expandable while staying affordable and stylish. Today, for review, I have the Sion Predator Gaming Series AXP970. For a modest price the AXP970 offers many great features. The AXP970 is capable of having up to two 120mm side panel fans or one 200mm. It also allows for two 120mm fans to mount under the top panel which is also able to accomodate a radiator. So does the AXP970 have it all? Let's read on and find out.

Closer Look:

The box really doesn't offer that much to see. Both the front and reverse sides of the box are the same. On these sides we have the full model number displayed at the top along with the Xion brand name just under it to the right. Displayed under that is basic picture of the front right side of the case and just under that is the designation that this case is part of the predator 970 gaming series of cases. Like the front and back, both of the sides of the box are the same. Both of the sides display a list of specifications about the case. Notable here is the one line that says "3.5" x 2 (hot swappable tray)". What this is getting at is this case has the capability to hotswap two drives. Wow, can't say I've ever reviewd a case that had a hotswappable drive bay in it.












Once out of the box we have the case sandwiched between styrofoam and covered in a plastic bag.


There is much more to see than just a case in some packaging. I'm just itching to peer further. With features like a hotswappable hdd tray I have to wonder what else this case has to offer. Read on.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (The Case)
  3. Closer Look (The Working Components)
  4. Specifications and Features
  5. Testing: Setup and Configuration
  6. Conclusion
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