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Xigmatek Thor's Hammer HDT-S126384 Review


Closer Look:

So curiosity got the best of you did it? Let's get a good look at this heatsink. Thor's Hammer is one big nickel plated beast so it does compare to the ThermalRight TRUE Black edition, nickel vs. nickel, in terms of plating of course. This is much larger than any heatsink of its kind that I have ever seen. Its sheer size is probably what gives the heatsink the ability to be passive. Apart from its size you will also notice the way the fins are staggered. The staggering allows more fins to fit in the area between the base and top of the heatsink, presumably to give the heat more opportunity to dissipate. The heatsink also features a second set of heatpipes on the inner portion of the heatsink so its got more than enough metal to pull heat from your CPU.













Now Thor's Hammer comes with no fans but that doesn't mean I won't provide some to test with it. Fan mounting goes as seen below in the pictures. You pull these rubber mallet like things through the hole in the fan on the side facing the heatsink. Then you push the rubber mallets into the grooves on either side of the heatsink until they are snugly fit.




In my previous reviews of heatpipe touch heatsinks I often ridicule them for not having a fully flat base. This one has some gaps in between the heatpipes and contact surface too but what I noticed on Thor's Hammer in particular is how much smaller these gaps are compared to others I've reviewed.




Apart from what you see there, there is the installation. Installation I would say is a bit more challenging than most. They want you to use 3M tape to secure the backplate to the motherboard so then you can drive the screws through the holes in the heatsink brackets. Normally I'm more apt for a design that has the backplate just stay in place using the holes in the motherboard to keep it there and this does have that but only for socket 775 sadly. Because of Thor's size it's hard to get into the screws to secure it down so a mini wrench is provided. The only problem with this is that it's so tedious and takes a long time to get the screws fully in with this little wrench. Other than securing it to the board you probably won't come across any clearence issues between base and the fins but watch out since Thor's Hammer is a bigger heatsink you could run into other things inside your case so prospect the way you plan to mount it first. In my case I can't have this heatsink set horizontal with fans however without it fits just fine and it fits fine vertically as well.



Well now that we're all setup I've got a good review ahead so read on.

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  2. Closer Look (Continued)
  3. Specifications and Features
  4. Testing (Setup)
  5. Conclusion
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