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Xigmatek Midgard III Review


Xigmatek Midgard III: Conclusion

Let us recap my reasoning and scoring method before diving into my final words. First I look at what the company is saying it offers. For example, say the company states the case supports large / long graphics cards or ten quiet fans. In this example, I examine what is advertised versus what is actually offered. Most of this becomes uncovered as I take pictures to document the product. If the company does not stay true to its word, then it loses points because no one ever wants to be sold on false advertisement. Next I look at what the product is marketed for and put it into perspective. An example of this could be trying to overclock a CPU in a Mini-ITX case and expecting a low temperature. This would contradict its target market and something I try to catch so it does not affect the score. The last bit is my own interjection. What could the case offer in its price range, and what do other companies offer. This category may include an extra fan, cable management, different color paint, or support for larger video cards. This list is endless so let's move on to the conclusion.

Following suit of my previous reviews, I like to start with the negative things about the chassis and leave on a good note. The last few reviews I've nothing but good things to say, but the train has to end at some point. There is no easy way to say this, but the Midgard isn't a diamond in the rough. In fact, it has a few issues that holds it back. Similar to the Cougar MX300 chassis, the Midgard would benefit greatly from a font or top fan to get the air moving, even if it is a low RPM fan. A solution for the customer, who is looking to maximize savings, could invest in an AIO (All-In-One) cooler like a Corsair H60 and use the, now spare, fan either in the front or top. In either case, if the goal is to have a lot of air movement, this isn't it, unless you add some more fans yourself and that adds costs.

Next is something that will continue to bug me, especially when it makes me think way to much for a Saturday night. I'm talking about the manual of course. Xigmatek might as well not included one at all as it's completely worthless. It's okay when a company has a short manual when the necessary information is included. In this case, pointing out what each thing is, does not help the consumer during the building process. If you don't know what a hard drive bay looks like already, it's going to be a long road ahead. Therefore, skip the basics and write something useful like what the Qi charging station does, or how to activate it. Better yet, explain how to remove the hard drive cages or bottom panel.

To follow up; the Midgard has a few positive things that can save the chassis from being completely forgettable. The Qi charging station is a great idea, though I'm not sure how much use it will get considering every phone comes with a USB charging cable these days. None the less, I haven't seen another chassis have this feature and if this is something you have been looking for, there isn't many other choices to pick from, if any. Finally, the added support for decent size video cards and CPU coolers pulls the chassis towards a decent setup internally and allows to add a bit of customization, even if it cannot be seen from the outside.

To conclude, I think the Xigmatek Midgard is something I have a hard time recommending, unless the Qi charging station is a must have. There are just far to many established and well reviewed chassis within each price range to make this one stand out. Although the price is still yet to be announced, I can name other chassis, from the Raidmax Horus ($50) to the Phanteks Enthoo Pro ($100), which are much better at those respected price points. If something changes, I will be sure to update this review accordingly.



  • Qi charging station
  • Support for large video cards (330mm)
  • Support for large CPU coolers (160mm)
  • Removable hard drive cages



  • Poor manual
  • Poor stock airflow
  • Design choice (top / bottom panel)

  1. Xigmatek Midgard III: Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Xigmatek Midgard III: The Case
  3. Xigmatek Midgard III: Working Components
  4. Xigmatek Midgard III: Specifications & Features
  5. Xigmatek Midgard III: Testing: Setup & Results
  6. Xigmatek Midgard III: Conclusion
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