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Xigmatek Elysium Case Review


Closer Look:

Out of the box, we get our first look at the front of the case. Upon first impressions, it looks really tall and skinny, especially with the silver aluminum up the sides that make the case appear narrower than it actually is. Across the middle bay, ELYSIUM is written in all capital letters. To show power and HDD activity, two LED indicators are cut into the right aluminum strip. While pretty plain, I like it. The back side features 7 grommet holes for water cooling tubes, though you can also run whatever you like through them. It is comical to see a power supply hole at both the bottom and top of the case – it makes you double-take once or twice.















The side of the case has one of the largest windows I’ve ever seen on a case. Then again, this is one of the largest cases I’ve ever looked at. However, the large fan on the panel slightly takes away the fun of looking into the case – while the fan does blow right on the motherboard and CPU, it seems to make the window accentuate just the cables running through the case. Behind the motherboard is a plain panel with a hole for a 120/80 mm fan that would blow right onto the back of the CPU. This side looks really plain in comparison, but may fit someone’s taste.  It is important to note that you'll need to find a fan thinner than standard to mount it on the back panel – 25mm and 38mm fans are too thick to have any clearance with the side panel closed.

Taking the panels off reveals the innards of the beast. Looking at 12 drive bays and 10 PCIe slots, it’s hard to imagine what kind of machine you could really house here. At first glance, there already looks to be a mess as a result of the two fan modules beside the drive bays near the top and bottom of case. You’d think these would have been better designed or at least be sleeved, since the window really shows off this area. I guess we’ll have to see how it looks after the build is complete. On the back side, you can see that the cable routing may have been a last thought, as they simply go from the top grommet and back into the case through the bottom grommet.



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