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Xigmatek Dark Knight-S1283V Review

Price: $44.98


A good heatsink is an essential part of any rig you build. Skimp on the heatsink and you have no overclock. Spend too much, and you just wasted money too. This is where Xigmatek comes in with Dark Knight. The Dark Knight is already an attractive offer at a price of around $40. And why is that? The Dark Knight features full nickel plating, 120mm fan with white LEDs and direct heatpipe touch. Most heatsinks don't even offer nickel plating until you get up into the higher price ranges. Xigmatek have proven themselves to be a company that produces quality heatsinks. With the epic performance of Thor's Hammer, how will the Dark Knight hold up?

Closer Look:

The Dark Knight has its good looks and quite a few features you wouldn't normally find in this price range. On the front, we are shown a down-sized view of the heatsink as well as the fan itself. Yes, the heatsink is yet another H.D.T. or Heat-Pipe Direct Touch design. This means that the heatpipes come in direct contact with the CPU, which with a perfectly flat surface, would be the most superior form of contact. However, this isn't a perfect world and H.D.T. designs are hard to get perfect as it is. On the one side of the box with the UPC symbol we are given a list of all the applications this heatsink can be used in. On the back side of the box is a list of exhaustive specifications. Finally, on the other side of the box we are shown some more specifics on the look of the heatsink. In the picture the bottom is shown to be both flat and nickel plated as well as the entire rest of the heatsink. We are also shown how the fan mounts to the heatsink.






Once out of the box you'll notice some similarities between the Dark Knight and Thor's Hammer. The first thing that stuck with it, was the black-plate design. The back-plate is reversable which makes it able to support both 1366 and 775 applications. Also unchanged is how this heatsink mounts on an AMD setup. We also have the same application for mounting the fan to the heatsink. Of course, you will notice other differences later between Dark Knight and Thor's Hammer, but another one you could name right now would be the fact that the Dark Knight actually comes with a fan. Now of course Thor's Hammer did pretty well without one, so the Dark Knight can't be far off its heels either.




Well what are we waiting for? Let's see more of the Dark Knight.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (Continued)
  3. Specifications and Features
  4. Testing (Setup)
  5. Conclusion
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