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Xigmatek Gigas mATX Case Review



Unfortunately this case didn't really sell itself to me. The construction was there for a nice build, but the appearance and small flaws stacked to make this case not a top choice of mine. Perhaps the black version of the case could rub me a different direction but I was overall not infatuated with the case. The mismatched coloring on the DVD drive cover really irked me as it's the quickest way to make a case go from looking great to looking cheap; just matching materials or at least tones is a must in any "higher" cost case. The squatty fat shape with a cluttered face didn't stand out to me as classy, gamer, or any real defined group for a case; it just looked messy to me – again that's an opinion.

With all opinions aside, and looking at the numbers themselves, the case does well. Despite the seemingly lack of air holes for airflow the case actually cools quite well; after all it is a massive heatsink itself and I have the feeling the small size makes it somewhat of a wind tunnel inside. The case is built rather well, and as long as you can puzzle the pieces back together it holds up to a rather decent build; a silver for the silver.



  • Dual purpose kitten cage
  • Cooling is good for size
  • All aluminum



  • Price – costs the same as a well-built full-tower
  • Mismatched DVD plate cover color
  • Wiring everything is a bit of a challenge and uncovered fans make this more of a test


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  2. Closer Look: (The Case)
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  6. Conclusion
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