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Xigmatek Gigas mATX Case Review


Closer Look:

Before we see exactly what will fit in this little shoe box case, I thought we'd take a close up look outside and inside of the Gigas. For the outside, the front of the case shows off a Xigmatek 'X' for ventilation as the bottom half of the case. The upper portion allows for two external drives and has a little square plate of I/O options. I'm not sure I really like the "face" of this case. I find it a little ugly, but we'll leave that as my opinion. The back of the case has two rear mounted 120mm fans with large holes for airflow. The cutout for the PSU is shown on the upper right – it seems so small. The motherboard actually mounts to the bottom of the case; the four PCIe external slots are shown vertical in the lower right corner.












The sides of the case are simply the sides of the case. There are no "side" panels as the case opens from the top. The right side is rather plain while the left side has two large sections of holes for added airflow to the tiny case. The bottom of the case has four pre-mounted feet, with an unusual golden trim. Why it used the gold color here I don’t know, nor do I like it.




The center of the top aluminum plate has a small etched Xigmatek logo right in the center. In my opinion Xigmatek should have just made the logo bigger if it was going to put one on at all – I keep thinking there's a smudge of some sort on the top, but I can’t seem to clean it off (oh yeah, because it's the logo). The top of the case comes off with six Phillips head screws, which seems a little excessive for the size of the panel, but I guess it will prevent any vibrations. The screws each have small plastic washers on them to keep you from scratching up the top of the case too much. Underneath the panel, which already feels like nails on a chalkboard when picking it up, has a little foam strip to again reduce vibration and noise.




Back to the front of the case, the front isolated I/O panel houses a larger power button and slightly smaller reset button sit next to each other. Two LED lights, one to show HDD activity and another to show power, are subtly to the right of the reset. A headphone jack and mic jack take the middle of the square panel. The last part of the square panel is home to two USB 2.0 ports and a single blue colored USB 3.0 port. Overall this square panel looks a little crooked but I think it may just be an optical illusion from the rounded edge of the case – I hope.

The most irritating part of the externals on this case is, again, the color mismatch with the external drive bay cover. It is aluminum too so I'm not sure why the color is so different – seems like it should just be scrap from the original body; there's no reason for the difference in color. The lighting may not exactly show it so well in this particular picture, but when you have it, you won't stop seeing it. The bottom of the front, which you've already seen, sports the Xigmatek "X" for airflow cooling, but I'm still having doubts on the amount of airflow through this little case with this being one of few openings.



Overall I don't really like the appearance of the outside of the case. It's kind of just a really big, ugly, aluminum shoe box for my hardware. The flashy aluminum structure doesn't sell it to me with the chunky stature. I don't like the external bay access really – maybe I'd like it better on the side? I prefer a cleaner look than this and for a small build this just doesn't do it for me. Let's see if the insides can sell it to me a little better. Mind you, you may already be in love with this case – everyone has a different opinion on looks.

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