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Xigmatek Gigas mATX Case Review

Price: $149.99


It isn't very often that here at OCC we take a look at something not designed to blow your gaming world mind. Instead of the usual, or even unusual, gaming cases, today we'll be taking a looking at a small form factor chassis designed with a little style to house your smaller components. Xigmatek has some interesting coolers, PSUs and a few chassis on the market. The Xigmatek Elysium was a beast of a case we had our hands on just a month or two back. Some of you may have had some experience with the older small cube cases from Aopen, or even some of the newer ones from Lian Li that are also quite tiny; the Xigmatek Gigas is something to compete in that category.

The Xigmatek Gigas, "the codex of gaming," is a micro-ATX small form factor chassis designed to handle quite the compact build. Supporting only micro-ATX and ITX boards, you likely won't be trying to fit your OC'd gaming rig inside; rather perhaps a nice little HTPC to encourage you out of your room once in awhile. However, it was designed to handle full length (up to 320mm) graphics cards – so you may be gaming yet. It is rather small in nature and aimed at those who want something a little stylish (either black or silver aluminum) that also isn't the center of attention in the room. Let's find out just how small this case really is, and just how far we can push its limits as I attempt to feed my usual review rig to its tiny innards.


Closer Look:

So when the Gigas showed up on my door, I wasn't quite sure what it was exactly. Like I've mentioned, review chassis are usually ginormous or normal sized, but rarely this. I recognized the Xigmatek logo but was wondering who had used the shrink ray on the box…it wasn't long before I realized it was the real size and brought it in the house for further inspection.

The front of the box has an isometric view of the silver Gigas (not sure if the black packaging is different – probably not) in the lower left corner and a strange lens flare-like object in the upper right corner. The lower right appears to be some ice formation while the upper left repeats the image. The center reads Gigas with a little blurb below talking about the case. The back of the box has about the same, actually exact same, look. The pictures below are actually all four sides of the box – no duplicates. The side of the box gives some features and specifications, which can be found on the respective page of this review. A large red dot also indicates which version of the case I've gotten – the "Gigas Silver."










Opening up the box, it's slightly different packing then you might normally see with a normal sized case. The usual foam caps are intact, just a bit smaller and covered in cardboard around the outer edges. Really it is about the same packing, just in a smaller box; you still get your plastic bag to protect the case from what have you and a nice small box on top with all your screws – or in my case an empty box with everything spilled about the box…



Out of the box and all the packing the Gigas doesn't look half bad in silver. It feels quite nicely built, and I'm actually a bit excited to start the challenge of a clown car packing with my hardware. It is a little heavier than expected for an all-aluminum mini case but you shouldn't strain yourself – it's no CM Storm Trooper. The only thing I do notice first is a slight color mismatch between the case and the external drive bay cover – the silvers just aren't quite the same…it's a little disappointing.

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  2. Closer Look: (The Case)
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  6. Conclusion
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