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XFX WarPad Review

Price: $54.99


XFX is a prime supplier of well known video cards and power supplies. But at the recent Computex in Taipei, XFX changed gears by showing off its newly patented WarPad. Having never released a mouse pad before, XFX decided to go big or go home in its first attempt at providing a loving surface for gamers and in this case I really mean BIG.

The WarPad was specifically designed to get rid of that harsh edge of your old desk. After many hours of gaming, anyone can admit to having a rather sore wrist from the edge of a desk or table at a LAN party. The WarPad aims to fix this discomfort with a wraparound mouse pad that not only has a large playing surface, but also grabs onto your desk with no intentions of being moved. If you want to get a better edge on your game without the edge of your desk holding you back, the WarPad might be just what you need. Let’s take a closer look at what the WarPad has to offer.

Closer Look:

The product arrived in a rather large package and, with no surprise, the mouse pad itself was found to be quite massive. It comes nearly ready to get its game on right out of the box. The back of the WarPad's decadent cardboard sleeve screams out the three easy installation steps: 1) SET TO CLAMP; 2) SLIDE AND STOP, and; 3) GLIDE AND GAME — three things I couldn't wait to try out.










The XFX WarPad features the Edgeless Support System (ESS) to reduce arm fatigue and arm pain. The clamp portion of the pad has a nice smooth, rounded edge that looks very pleasing to my wrist. The only concern here is the ability for that wrist support to hold up. If there were to be a fail spot, it would most likely be the point where the plastic meets.


The WarPad is super squishy. It is double the thickness of your usual Wal-Mart mouse pad and feels just as nice as a new wet suit. The entire pad and arm rest are covered in the typical mouse pad fabric for a nice smooth surface. The only issue I noticed right off the bat were a few “lumpy” spots – nothing big enough to affect your game, and likely something that will level out with time (or so I hope).


This super squishy pad comes with the added bonus of being able to roll up around your keyboard for safe travel to LAN parties – no more permanently pressed keys or torn cables. The classy WarPad logo, along with the snazzy XFX logo, are displayed in the top right corner where they are far from harm.

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