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XFX HD 5450 Review


Closer Look:

The XFX HD 5450 comes on a black PCB with a low-profile design and a small active cooling solution. The use of active cooling over passive should ensure that the card runs nice and cool even during the most demanding use. Also, since the Cedar core only requires around 20W under full load, I would say this small heatsink is more than enough. With only minimal power needed, the card is capable of being run exclusively from the PCI-E x16 2.1 slot, so no additional power source is needed. Still, XFX does state that the card has a minimum 400 Watt Power Supply Requirement.



















The XFX comes with three video connection options. From left to right you have a VGA port, HDMI port and a DVI port.  This is a good amount of expansion and most users should find that their needs are met. Also, since this card is a low-profile design, it comes with additional PCI brackets that will allow it to easily fit into a small form factor chassis. When using these brackets there are a few different options on how the card can be installed. One option you have is to completely remove the VGA port from the card or you can choose to place the VGA in an open expansion slot above the GPU.



The HD 5450 graphics cards uses the Cedar graphics processing core with a clock frequency of 650MHz, 80 steam processors, eight texture units, four ROPs and 1GB of DDR2 memory with a 64-bit memory interface. These specifications put this card well below its older siblings, but these are still very strong for an entry-level graphics card. On top of these you also get ATI's Stream technology, which is used to accelerate supported programs, improving the overall system performance. The memory used on the XFX HD 5450 comes with eight chips that are nicely lined up on both the front and back of the PCB. There is a total of 1GB of DDR2 memory that comes clocked at 500MHz, giving the memory a total bandwidth of 16.0GB/s





  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (The Video Card)
  3. Closer Look: (Drivers & Programs)
  4. Specifications & Features
  5. Testing: Setup & Overclocking
  6. Testing: Far Cry 2
  7. Testing: Metro 2033
  8. Testing: Crysis Warhead
  9. Testing: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
  10. Testing: Darkest of Days
  11. Testing: Bioshock 2
  12. Testing: Just Cause 2
  13. Testing: Unigine Heaven Benchmark 2.0
  14. Testing: Batman Arkham Asylum
  15. Testing: Resident Evil 5
  16. Testing: 3DMark 06
  17. Testing: 3DMark Vantage
  18. Testing: Temperature
  19. Testing: Power Consumption
  20. Conclusion
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