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XFX R9 390X Review


XFX R9 390X Conclusion:

The XFX R9 390X does what a next generation card should do. It outperforms the previous generation when it comes to the FPS performance delivered in each of the tests run for this review. Thanks to the improvement in core clock and memory speed over last year's R9 290X, you get a boost in performance that in several cases delivers stock performance between the GTX 970 and GTX 980. It puts the performance versus price of the R9 390X in an odd position of competing price wise with the GTX 980, but competing performance wise in most cases with the GTX 970 that retails for about $80 less than an R9 390X. If you push price to the side you get good playable performance at 2560 x 1440 across the entire test suite.

If you want to stick with stock performance and not overclock the R9 390X, XFX offers no less than nine versions of its R9 390X cards that will fit the bill. If you want to push the envelope and work with what you have, XFX has left a bit of overclocking margin available for the enthusiast when you push the limits on this R9 390X. I was able to pull an 1170MHz core clock out of the core by using the power limits and a little bit of additional voltage to run the number. In fact this card is the highest clocking AMD card I have tested in a while, which on its own is an impressive feat.

While overclocking does indeed deliver higher FPS performance levels, it does also increase the power consumption and the associated thermal load you have to dissipate. The good news here is that XFX has improved its Ghost Thermal 3.0 Technology with longer heat pipes and 90mm IP-5x fans in the Double Dissipation cooling system to handle the load. Both at stock speeds and when overclocked, the R9 390X runs cooler than the previous gen design from a pure thermal perspective. The one weakness I see is that the power consumption gets no better than the R9 290X with essentially the same base hardware and an increase in memory capacity and speed.

XFX has a lot of good things going for its cards. It uses sound technology to build a card for the long haul. You get cooling enhancements, hardware level enhancements, and voltage controls to manage your card's performance. Currently priced at $429, this latest R300 series card from XFX allows you to step up and enjoy the latest that Windows 10 and DirectX 12 have to offer.



  • Overclocking
  • Cooling performance
  • FPS performance
  • CrossFireX



  • Power consumption


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