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XFX R7 250E Review

Price: $75

XFX R7 250E Introduction:

The high end video cards see all the glory when it comes to modern gaming, and for good reason when you look at the performance numbers and visual quality they provide in game. But not everyone is going to spend upwards of what can be a week or more salary on a single part of the system. When you get down to it, the high end is subsidized by the sheer volume of sub $100 to $250 video cards for sale. Today, I have one of the cards that fits in the sub $100 category, the XFX R7 250E, designed for the casual gamer and someone looking for an improvement in graphics performance over an integrated solution.

The XFX R7 250E is packed with XFX proprietary technologies, such as Ghost 1.0 Thermal Technology, Duratec VRM hardware, and a custom PCB using a 2oz copper layers. Where many discrete video cards are dual-slot solutions, this offering from XFX is a single-slot design that does not need any additional power outside of the power supplied by the PCIe slot to function; perfect for the role it should fill. Let's take a look at the XFX R7 250E and see what it has to offer.

XFX R7 250E Closer Look:

XFX packaging has not changed much this past year and crams each box with the minimal amount of information needed to make an informed decision in multiple languages. The front of the box shows that this card is UEFI ready, sports 1GB of GDDR5 memory, is a "Core Edition" card, and uses Ghost 1.0 Thermal Technology to keep the core cool. The back side of the package lists the general feature set in six different languages rather than just English for us in the US. The accessory package on the XFX R7 250E consists mainly of documentation and a driver disk. You get a warranty pamphlet and card, information on adapters needed for just about every configuration, and information on XFX's line of power supplies. As far as hardware requirements, you have as close to plug-and-play as you can get here.



The packaging is simple and to the point, providing the consumer with the knowledge needed to make an informed buying decision.

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