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XFX R7 240 Review


XFX R7 240 Core Conclusion:

The XFX R7 240 is a low-end graphics card intended for very casual consumers, those on a tight budget, or office usage. This card is not intended for gaming. Honestly, if you are on a tight budget, but also a gamer, you should be looking at cards from previous generations as they will give more bang-for-your-buck. The XFX R7 240 is the smallest iteration on the GCN architecture — the Oland Pro core is a 28nm die that has five of the six Compute Units enabled for a total of 320 Stream Processors. The R7 250 has all six enabled.

Overclocking was surprising, especially on the memory front. I expected over 1GHz on the core after looking at this architecture. In the end I was able to get 1015MHz core and 1300MHz memory stable! All without having voltages unlocked; the only option was setting the power limit to 20%.

Obviously this line of graphics cards is not intended for hardcore gaming, but for its intended uses it does well. As always, for just a little more money, there are more features higher up. This is the bottom rank of the AMD GPU ladder, but it does have roles to fill. Taking that into consideration, none of those are cons. This card operated perfectly and gave me no issues. As a reminder of the prior points I have listed performance as a con, but really it shouldn't be held against it.

For those looking for a low-profile, dual-slot graphics card, with passive cooling, and this level of performance — the XFX R7 240 is a great solution!




  • Good looks
  • Overclock capability
  • Good cooling
  • Silent operation
  • CrossFire support
  • Easy installation
  • Affordable



  • Performance


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