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XFX HD 5870 Review



The XFX HD 5870 performed admirably. Benchmark scores were phenomenal and the level of performance that this card offers even at stock is high above the last generations capabilities. The box was very sturdy and the card was well protected by the full cover of foam. All of the required accessories were included as well as some that just make the job of installing the card easier - such as quick installation guides and so on. The free game voucher is a nice touch - Dirt 2 should be out in early December and will show off DirectX 11. Overclockability of this card is very high with the software modifiable voltage although with the lack of updated software and stable drivers it can be very finicky. ATI Overdrive worked just fine in the end for a modest overclock and fan control. The fan was very loud at full speed but kept the temperatures very low on auto and manual speeds - left at defaults the card idled in the mid 40's and loaded mid-to-high 60's. The Samsung memory on this particular card didn't want to overclock very far and while being stable, they topped out at around 1275. The core easily reached over 1GHz bench stable but the scores were very close to the stock scores while using Catalyst gave higher scores - something must have been incompatible or interfering - it almost reminded me of a strap by how it acted during overclocking. Nonetheless this card is a beast and was at the top for almost all of the benchmarks. With a good card and a good package, not much more could be asked for.

The only con other than the oddities with overclocking/driver support would be how loud the fan gets when manually set above a third of its capabilities. Generally when I overclock I set the fan speed to 100%, but it sounded like a jumbo jet engine was being tested inside my case. When left at auto or kept in the low 30% range the fan was inaudible next to the case fans so it isn't really a problem, more of just a notice to others that this thing can be loud when set to higher speeds. At higher speeds this fan pushed a lot of air!

High performance and overclockability, good temperatures, great packaging, and a free game are all ingredients for the recipe of a winner - this time the XFX HD 5870 1GB.



  • Great packaging/accessories
  • Quiet fan at default speeds
  • DX11
  • Raw performance
  • Overclockability
  • ATI Eyefinity


  • Fan starts roaring after 35% speed
  • Current overclocking stability
  • No DX11 titles Yet


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