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Xclio One Notebook Cooler Review

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If you own a laptop or are thinking about getting one, you probably understand that most of them get hot; really hot. This is just a byproduct of all electronics and it is something that is very noticeable in the high performance mobile computing chips. While this heat is an inevitable occurrence, it also needs to be dealt with to keep your computer running at its maximum efficiency. There are many ways to do this with a traditional desktop PC, but when you move to a laptop, your options quickly diminish. That's why companies, like Xclio, make notebook coolers. These devices do their best to get air flowing around the laptop's chassis. While there are many designs, the Xclio One takes a somewhat minimalistic approach, and a unique one at that! I am excited to see how well this cooler performs!


Closer Look:

The packaging that the Xclio One comes in is pretty standard, though it is not as large as other coolers I have received in the past. Since the cooler is itself smaller, this makes plenty of sense. The outside casing, which has images as well as specifications and features listed on it, acts as a sleeve around the protective foam packaging.











The box that is contained in the sleeve opens up much like any box would. The foam then just lifts off to reveal the cooler, as well as the additional accessories that come with the cooler.


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  4. Testing
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