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Xclio A380 Color Plus Review



There is no doubt that this case looks awesome. I am absolutely in love with the looks and the unique ability to have the LEDs cycle through nearly every color of the visible spectrum. I have received the most comments on this case out of every other case that I've tested, by far. It is solid in construction and has convenient features, such as the integrated fan controller and the top I/O ports. However, I feel that a lot of improvements could be made to this case. The front and top airflow could be re-evaluated; as I stated earlier, the front intake fan only does about 20% of what it could do if the airways were opened up, and the top fans have probably a 50% restriction. It seems Xclio put a slightly higher importance on looks than function, but this isn't necessarily a bad thing because I still think it looks awesome. On the other hand, these problems did show in the testing. I don't really have too much to say about the wire management, as some features are there such as mostly everything already being pre-wired, but it doesn't seem like much extra thought was put into making other wiring look clean. For a case as expensive as this, I really would have expected better temperatures, some paint on the inside, some accommodations for wire management, and the simple, but massively convenient, heatsink mounting bracket access hole. I feel like every "enthusiast" case should include these, because they nearly remove any hassle of switching out a heatsink that bolts on. Overall, as I've said, the case has a great look, I just wish it performed a little better for the money that it's worth. But, then again, what's a little modding time if you really like the looks?



  • Awesome looks
  • Integrated fan controller
  • Plenty of room for lots of components



  • Price
  • Performance is lacking
  • Wire management could be improved


  1. Introduction and Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (The Case)
  3. Closer Look (Working Components)
  4. Features and Specifications
  5. Testing & Setup
  6. Conclusion
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