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CPU Transport Strapping System (CTSS) and Monitor Transport Strapping System (MTSS)

Price: $45.95 CTSS $34.95 MTSS or $75.90 Both ($5 off)


The CTSS and MTSS are two new products from Xbags. They allow you to carry you CPU, monitor and accessories. These product would be great for the LAN party goer or a service tech that needs their computer and monitor with them. With 3 pockets available to you I am sure you can find a place to stash almost anything. The large pocket on the CTSS can handle even the largest of keyboards, with room to spare. The CTSS will hold almost any size of CPU from mini to mid sized. If you have an ANTEC SX840, similar sized CPU or larger, your out of luck. I could not even squeeze my ANTEC into it, o-well. If plan on carrying cases around with you that are that size. You have more things to worry about, like your back! The MTSS is able to hold 15"-19" monitors. I had no problems using it with the monitors I have on hand. Let take a closer look at the CTSS and the MTSS.


  • Fully padded inside and outside
  • Metal support section for better handle control
  • Padded handle
  • Adjustable-removable heavy duty shoulder strap
  • Top & side CPU compression straps
  • Large 19"x11"x2.5 fully padded pocket
  • Small 12"x11"x2.75" pocket

  • Padded handle
  • Adjustable-removable heavy duty shoulder harness
  • .5" thick monitor pad with soft cloth monitor side
  • Reinforced D-rings
  • Rear compression strap
  • 10"x9"x3" adjustable pocket


    First off we will look at the CTSS. You want to start off by opening the CTSS and centering you CPU in it.

    Then bring both sides up around the CPU. Fasten the two top compression straps and pull the straps tight. Do the same thing for the sides straps. Your CPU should now be secure in the CTSS. Put the shoulder strap on and you are done.

    The pockets on the side are very large and easily accessible.

    As for carrying the CTSS with the shoulder strap. It is very easy to carry in this position. Thus, leaving your hands free for other things. Now on to the MTSS.

    Start off by laying the MTSS flat and setting you monitor into it. Bring the straps up and around the backside of the monitor and fastening it with the compression strap.

    Pull the rest over the front of the monitor and fasten it to the strap on the back. Now, Pull all of the compression straps tight and slip the monitor pad between the front straps and the screen. Put the handles together and you are ready to go. If you decide to use the shoulder harness add it now too. Remember when using the shoulder harness it is meant to hang on your front not your back!


    These products from X-bags are by far the best computer carrying system I have used. The craftsmanship is excellent and it looks like it will hold up for the long haul! I would like to thank Xbags for sending these products to us for review!


    • Easy to use
    • Plenty of extra storage space
    • Very easy to carry with padded shoulder straps

    • None as of yet!

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