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X-Arcade Solo Review



The X-Arcade Solo is probably one of the coolest devices I've tested in quite awhile. The goal it sets out to achieve is that of being the best authentic arcade device out there and I feel it delivers excellently on this. The buttons have an authentic arcade look and feel while the wood box that it is feels like playing on a real arcade machine. Everything just seems so well crafted. The device also features the ability to program what the buttons do and can save up to 3 other unique programmings internally. With the authentic look and feel came authentic game-play. I was able to more accurately achieve combos through use of the X-Arcade than that of a gamepad or keyboard. Sad to say though that great quality and real arcade look and feel comes at a price. The Solo is priced to sell at a sizable $99.95 and is pretty much only sold on Xgaming's website, though a few retailers do carry it. It is what it is though, and you're definitely getting what you pay for. Not only does the device have an authentic look and feel but it comes with a very great warranty for lifetime so you know Xgaming is backing their product and it's built to last. While it is great that the X-Arcade works with consoles, it's kind of a bother that they sell the different adapter cables separately. If you wish to be able to use the X-Arcade with any other system than what you ordered it for, you then have to buy additional adapters. Say you want Xbox 360 or PS3, well they add an additional $9.95 charge if you want the adapters. I guess for what you get you can't really complain. It's not like they are charging an arm or leg for the adapters and shipping on the X-Arcade Solo is free anyway. If you're looking for a better way to play your favorite arcade fighters then I highly recommend you pick up the X-Arcade Solo to improve your game



  • Authentic arcade look and feel all around
  • 3 Unique programmable modes
  • Preconfigured to work with Mame
  • Improves your ability to play arcade games
  • Works with consoles and PC



  • Does not come with console cables which are sold seperately


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