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X-Arcade Solo Review


Closer Look:

So where to begin? Well why not with the main attraction. The surface of the device is a nice wood surface which has been laid out to look and feel just like that of an arcade machine. The joystick is authentic in both look and feel as well as all the buttons. On the top are 9 buttons, 8 of which are black and 1 of which is white with a person on it. On the one side of the device we have pictured a solitary button. This button, just the same as the one featured on the opposite side is a pinball button according to the box. This in my opinion is a great feature because it makes the button placement like that of a pinball machine should you choose to play pinball. On the back of the device we have what appears to be a female PS/2 cable connection as well as a female Serial connection. Also, there is a solitary black button and a switch. The switch is a 4 way selector switch which features a default mode layout for it which cannot be reprogrammed and three programmable modes. The button is used in conjunction to program the other selections on the switch.




















Moving on, we have a picture which shows off the front as well as the bottom of the device. The device features 6 rubberized feet. The device comes with two cables one of which extends out into a male serial port connector and the other goes out to either a PS/2 or USB connection. The X-Arcade Solo also includes a manual and a software CD which includes a couple of games, so if you don't happen to have much of a game collection they do give you a couple of mentionable titles such as Defender, Gauntlet, Joust, Rampage, Robotron, and Smash TV.


Of course your probably not getting this for the games it comes with but for the games you have that you can use it with right. Just how well does it work anyway? Find out when I test it out.

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