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WolfKing Trooper MVP Gaming Mouse Review

Price: $44.99


There are many ways to market and sell a product, and one of most popular ways these days is to label something as a gaming product. They usually come in flashy colors, and are often covered with multi-coloured LEDs, anything to catch your attention! When it comes to mice, there are tons and tons of different models to choose from, but what makes them different from each other? Some of them are now using a laser to track movement, instead of the LED used in optical mice, or a ball in older mechanical models - or even wheels for the really old school people! Laser technology mainly allows for more precision, so it makes great sense to use it in a gaming mouse, which is what I will be looking at today - the WolfKing Trooper MVP.

WolfKing has been around since 2001, creating various gaming input devices including keyboards, keypads, and yes, mice. According to them, the Trooper MVP is "the latest in gaming technology." It features on-the-fly DPI switching, up to four shots per click, lightning fast response time, and extreme accuracy. Let's see if WolfKing's mouse truly lives up to its claims!


Closer Look:

The retail box isn't the flashiest ever produced, but it is also far from the usual bland packaging companies use for low end mice. The black and red color scheme WolfKing went with has a low profile look to it, while still being an eye-catching box. The front showcases the main features, and all the important information about the Trooper MVP is found on the back side of the box. It seems like the mouse has what it takes to hang out with the big boys!



The mouse is well protected by a hard plastic molded shell. There are very few extras included, simply a CD with a basic mouse driver, the manual, and four spare rubber feet, in case you travel more than the rated 250 kilometers on the stock ones!



Let's take a closer look at the mouse itself now!

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  2. Closer Look (Continued)
  3. Configuration
  4. Specifications & Features
  5. Testing
  6. Conclusion
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