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Wolfenstein: The New Order Review



While killing Nazis may be enough plot to move through a game, it helps to have a story explaining why you are where you are. In The New Order, you definitely need that story too, in order to explain why you are stealing a submarine and flying to the Moon, amongst other crazy hijinks. All of it makes sense as delivered, though.

The game begins with you and pilot Fergus flying to a Nazi stronghold as part of a large Allied force. Nazi defenses cause you to switch planes in the air and crash on a beach with Fergus and other soldiers, including Wyatt. Your mission is to take out General Deathshead, who is an easy character to hate, given his contempt for life, especially when held against his experiments. You, Fergus, and Wyatt are captured by Deathshead, and as you and he have crossed paths before, he offers you a choice. Which companion, Fergus or Wyatt, will be dissected? This decision will have a lasting impact in the game, but do not worry, it is easy enough to replay and change your decision to experience both timelines.











As you and the surviving friend escape, an explosion sends a piece of shrapnel directly into your brain, and this injury puts you in an insane asylum. After years of operation, the Nazis decide to shut the asylum down and purge it of every patient, which is exactly when you decide to start moving again.

After escaping the insane asylum and rescuing the chief nurse, Anya, who has been taking care of you for fourteen years, you seek out the resistance fighters. The best lead you have is to break into a prison and rescue those who were recently captured. Remember the choice Deathshead gave you? You will be reminded soon enough if you forgot. Once with the resistance, you will finally be able to put your Nazi-killing skills to focused efforts to actually overthrow them. Of course it may seem impossible that the resistance will succeed, considering what a bunch of misfits it is, but hey, when you are B. J. Blazkowicz, how much help do you really need?


Through conversations with certain people, news clippings, and more small items, you will be able to learn a great deal about what has happened since your injury. This includes the surrender of the U.S. after a Nazi atomic bomb was dropped on Manhattan. While that information is of particular importance to Blazkowicz, you will also learn the source of the advanced Nazi technologies, and even get to put some advanced technologies to use against them.

Your brain injuries are also put to some use in telling the story, by allowing you to skip time and suffer flashbacks where something is explained.

Along with Deathshead, there is another Nazi you become familiar with named Frau Engel. She is a particularly cruel person who runs labor camps that are collecting limestone for use in the superconcrete the Nazis need to build their massive facilities. Let us just say you leave your mark on her…


That is about all I can say without getting heavily into spoiler territory. Over all, the story of The New Order is exactly what it needs to be, and not really more than that. It sets the world and your actions perfectly, providing more than enough information about everything that is happening and has been happening. It also does a good job of keeping things interesting so you will want to keep playing, and then play it again. What it does not do is make the game feel story-based, and there is nothing wrong with that. Killing Nazis does not need much exposition.

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