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Wolfenstein: The New Order Review

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First released twenty-two years ago, Wolfenstein 3D was one of the first video games I played (and I was probably too young to be doing so). Now that I am old enough, I once again get to step into the shoes of B.J. Blazkowicz in Wolfenstein: The New Order and rediscover the fun of killing Nazis.

Initially the game is set during WWII, with you as a captain in an Allied force to take out the stronghold of General Deathshead. As they stress during the mission, the fate of the war depends on this mission. At the end of the mission, while trying to escape with your lives, Blazkowicz is struck in the head with shrapnel, causing serious brain damage that leaves him trapped in his body in a Polish insane asylum for 14 years. When the Nazis come to shut down and purge the asylum, you react by returning the favor. This sets you on the path of fighting against the Nazi empire, and ultimately finishing the mission you started during the war.

Like the original game, The New Order is a first-person shooter with plenty of action and adventure. Your weapons will naturally include handguns, assault rifles, shotguns, and sniper rifles, as well as an awesome laser rifle. All of these also have alternate fire modes and, except for the laser rifle, can be dual wielded. Why would you dual wield sniper rifles? Because you can!

It should come as no surprise that The New Order has received a Mature rating from the ESRB. Though not particularly common in the game, the few sights of Nazi atrocities alone are likely enough to receive that rating. The ESRB's list of mature content consists of intense violence, blood and gore, strong language, strong sexual content, and use of drugs. As none of the screenshots in this review have been censored, if that mature content is inappropriate for you, this review likely is as well.

For anyone hoping to see some gameplay video, sadly I was not able to take any. I use NVIDIA ShadowPlay to record such footage, but it only supports DirectX titles, and the id Tech 5 engine uses OpenGL. In theory the Desktop Capture option would have been able to record footage, but I have never gotten that ShadowPlay feature to work.

With the introduction covered, it is time to learn if we should return to 1960 and fight or accept the New Order.


  1. Wolfenstein: The New Order - Introduction
  2. Wolfenstein: The New Order - Graphics
  3. Wolfenstein: The New Order - Story
  4. Wolfenstein: The New Order - Gameplay
  5. Wolfenstein: The New Order - Additional Screenshots
  6. Wolfenstein: The New Order - Conclusion
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