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The Witcher 5-Years Later Review



It's interesting to look back at a game that started a franchise still loved today. You know it has earned respect, but you also know that time changes how we think of things. Years ago and years from now, a good, quality game is still a good, quality game. Despite its age, The Witcher represents a very solid and enjoyable experience that I would easily recommend to anyone interested in the franchise or in the role-playing game genre. Sure the graphics are not mind-blowing now, but forgive it its wrinkles and enjoy what it offers you. Besides, it can be nice to play a game that does not cause every fan in your computer to spin up to full speed.

The Witcher is a well-designed and well-crafted game that I am glad I own and put the time in to. If you have an interest in playing it, either to experience the whole of the franchise or to take advantage of a great price, I recommend you do so. I would easily call it a classic and look forward to loading my save into The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.






  1. The Witcher Review: Introduction
  2. The Witcher Review: Graphics
  3. The Witcher Review: Story
  4. The Witcher Review: Gameplay
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  6. The Witcher Review: Conclusion
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