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Wintasks 4.0 Software Review

Price: $37/$57


System resources mean alot to people, especially to those that are running mutilple tasks. Managing your computer resource. It can be very difficult and confusing to the average computer user. Today we are going to look at Wintasks 4 Professional that has every feature you could possibly want in a resources utility.


  • Manage Computer Resources
  • Improve System Security
  • Optimize And Debug Softwares

    Minimum System Requirements

  • 250mhz Intel Or Amd
  • 16MB Of Memory
  • 4X CD-ROM
  • Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP
  • 10MB Free Disk Space


    This product is very easy to install, just like any other software insert the the CD into your CD-ROM and follow the setup. Once the product is installed you can now begin getting a overview of your system and what is hiding in the background.

    As you can see the CPU and Memory can be monitored up to the minute or the previous 24 hours.

    WinTasks list's all of your runnning programs with great detail. Note below even tells you the priority of a program running. On any of the programs running you can right click on them and it gives you the options to Stop process,Increase Priority, Decrease Priority,Edit Process Name,Reset Process Name, and view the Properties. One cool feature is the Windows Tab that only shows Windows Files that are currently running.

    You can then enable/disable or add/remove processes to easily control which programs are started automatically. The Windows list shows you a list of all Windows associated with a given process, whether they are minimized, normalized, or maximized, visible or invisible. What is interesting is that there are typically many more window open associated with a program that you can see. The ones you cannot see are simply invisible. but, with WinTasks, you can force them to be visible. I Found this product very easy to use once its was installed. I even tried to crash my system but Wintaskwouldn't let that happen. You can choose to load Wintasks from Startup or Click on the program anytime you would like to have it turned on. A great product for any computer user that is trying to spare resources. You can view the Auto-Start list to see a list of all programs started automatically when Windows is started.

    Another neat feature is that WinTasks can display a list of all modules associated with a given process. Most programs have a series of supporting files such as DLLs that are used by a program when it runs.

    WinTasks automatically logs information about all the programs that are started and stopped.

    Scripting - There is a built-in script language that makes it very easy to create completely new functions and automate the handling of processes and resources. The language used is very similar to logical pseudo code, and there is a reference in the back of the manual. Simple pre-made scripts are available at the LIUtilities website.

    Being a person that likes alot of power and muilti tasking, I think this product would great for people. I think that people who are new to computers would have a little trouble understanding it, But could figure it out. All in all its a great product, and i give it a 4.5 rating.

    We would like to thank LiUtilities.com for providing us this software to review!

    • Easy to use
    • Available for all Windows operating systems
    • Simple install

    • Poor instructions

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