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Leadtek WinFast Nvidia Geforce 3 Titanium 500 review

Price: $315


My 3DFX Voodoo5 5500 has been really good to me this last year.. but all the new games out require a more powerfull card. The Voodoo5 5500 no longer has support, nor does it have updated drivers and nor will it ever.

Earlier this year Nvidia came out with the famous Geforce 3 chipset and completely stole the video card market for gamers. Now, Nvidia has something better with more power and feature's, the Titanium graphics line. There are currently three different Titanium chipsets, the Geforce 2 TI, Geforce 3 TI 200 and the powerful Geforce 3 TI 500.

Memory Interface: 128-bit/400mhz DDR
Pixels per Second: 1 Billion
Operations per Second: 6.4GB/s
Memory Bandwidth: 31 Million
Graphics Core: 250MHz/256-bit

GeForce3 Ti 200
Memory Interface: 128-bit/400mhz DDR
Fill rate: 2.8 billion AA samples/sec
Operations per Second: 700 billion
Memory Bandwidth: 6.4GB/sec
Graphics Core: 175MHz/256-bit

GeForce3 Ti 500
Memory Interface: 128-bit/500mhz DDR
Fill rate: 3.84 billion AA samples/sec
Operations per Second: 960 billion
Memory Bandwidth: 8.0GB/sec
Graphics Core: 240MHz/256-bit

The Geforce 3 TI 500 has a 20% core gain over the 200mhz Geforce 3. The memory has only gained very little more power over the Geforce 3. So, is the Geforce 3 TI 500 worth buying over the old Geforce 3? Well read on and I'll tell you my thoughts on the subject.


  • Third Generation Nvidia GeForce3 nfinite FX (tm) GPU.
  • On Board 64MB -3.8ns DDR Memory
  • Lightspeed Memory Architecture
  • High-Performance Hardware Anti-Aliasing
  • 350 MHz RAMDAC
  • On-board TV-out support up to 1024x768 resolution
  • DVD software included
  • AGP 4X/2X, AGP texturing and Fast Write supports
  • Microsoft DirectX 8 and OpenGL 1.2 Optimizations and support
  • Programmable Vertex Shader
  • on-board DVI support
  • Second Generation Integrated Transform and Lighting (T&L) Engines
  • Drivers Support for Win 9X, Win ME, Win NT4, Win2K, WinXP
  • Leadtek WinFox system utility with Hardware Monitoring functions and self-diagnostic LEDs indicators
  • 64MB Memory onboard
  • Support RCA & S-video TV-out
  • Special Designed Active Cooling Module
  • Hardware Sensor to monitor temperature, voltage and speed of the chip, cooling module and board
  • 3 LEDs are embedded onboard to help users identify the hardware status.
  • 2 Full Game Bundled (DroneZ and Gunlok)

Nvidia GeForce3
  • 350MHz RAMDAC.
  • 3.2 billion AA samples per sec fill rate
  • 7.36GB/sec memory bandwidth
  • Lightspeed Memory Architecture amplifies memory bandwidth
  • AGP 2X/4X with Fast Writes Support
  • 32-bit Z/stencil buffer
  • DirectX 8.0
  • OpenGL 1.2 ICD support

Hardware Monitoring:
  • Chip Edge/Surface Temperature, Chip Voltage, Fan Speed. Clock speed, Board Voltage and System Status.

Cooling solution:
  • on-board heat-sink cooling fan

  • 64MB On-board 3.8ns DDR memory

AGP Standard:
  • AGP 2.0 slot support

  • TV-out up to 1024x768 resolution

DVI connector
  • Onboard DVI connector up to 1280x1024 resolution

Driver support:
  • Win 2K, ME, Win 98, WinXP

System Requirements:
  • Intel Pentium II/III/Celeron, Pentium 4
  • AMD Athlon/Duron
  • (systems with AGP 2.0 Slot)

  1. Introduction & Specifications
  2. What you get
  3. Installation & Performance
  4. Overclocking & Conclusion
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