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Watch_Dogs 2 Review



In the end, Watch_Dogs 2 is a fun and good looking game, but I cannot give it a very strong recommendation. Between the weak story and how some of the gameplay actually played out for me, all I can comfortably say is that if you want this game, watch for a good sale. I cannot think of reasons to avoid it, it is not a bad game, but I cannot say it is worth getting immediately and at full price.

To the game's credit, it is more or less what I would want to see from this franchise. It let me play with the world around me by hacking it, turning it against the enemies. That is fun, even if the challenge was not always present. I am not sure if I would want to see this become more hacking-puzzle based, but perhaps mixing in some Assassin's Creed styled puzzles, where you need to figure out how to avoid detection while completing goals, instead of just killing everyone who sees you. More elaborate missions, where you have initial choices for how to approach them, by placing bugs to hack in from miles away, infiltrating to gain physical access, or guns-blazing would also be welcome, at least by me. This game does a fair job of tapping its potential, but I can still see more possibilities and want to explore them.


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