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Watch_Dogs 2 Review

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It can get pretty cold outside where I live, this time of year, so it could be nice to escape to somewhere warmer, like San Francisco. I cannot actually do that, but what I can do is roam the virtual streets of that city in Watch_Dogs 2, while inside where it can be nice and warm. Like the first game in the series, it is an open world game that pits a talented hacker against a world where technology is used to manipulate and ruin lives. This time the main character is Marcus Holloway, an African American who was profiled to be a criminal risk without having committed any crime, and has vowed to take down the system that profiled him with the help of the hacktivist group Dedsec.

Watch_Dogs 2 has a very different feel to it from other open-world action games for a number of reasons, among them is the ability to hack so much of what is around you. You can leap-frog between cameras, burst pipes under streets, cause electrical panels to explode, and send vehicles simple commands all from your phone. There are many opportunities for you to make the world your weapon and it can be very much worth doing.

The game has an M rating from the ESRB for intense violence, blood, nudity, sexual themes, strong language, and use of drugs. Naturally then, some of the media I captured for this review may not be appropriate for everyone, just as the game would not be. Speaking of media, I only have screenshots as I ran into several issues with recording video. What video I did get was stutter, but also the software I use to capture crashed, apparently because of some driver conflict with the game. At the time the game was experiencing some odd issues I cannot fully explain, but I did not want to risk any more problems by trying to capture video.

With those points covered, time to get into the review!





  1. Watch_Dogs 2 Review - Introduction
  2. Watch_Dogs 2 Review - Graphics
  3. Watch_Dogs 2 Review - Story
  4. Watch_Dogs 2 Review - Gameplay
  5. Watch_Dogs 2 Review - Additional Screenshots
  6. Watch_Dogs 2 Review - Conclusion
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