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WarMouse Meta Review



Taking a look at the WarMouse Meta, you were able to see exactly what the mouse's intended uses were by just looking at the design of the mouse; it is intended to be used for a productive computer power user who uses multiple shortcuts and macros in not only games but in the applications that he/she uses on a daily basis. The WarMouse Meta mouse was able to live up to most all of my expectations as a fully customizable mouse that has 18 buttons on it with the exception of a few aspects. I was not very keen on the button placement/design of the Meta. I would have liked to see the right and left click buttons a little bit larger than they were and placed closer to the scroll wheel for a quicker adaptation to the mouse when switching from a regular mouse with only the right and left click buttons placed at the front of the mouse. I also am not a huge fan of how wide the mouse is, I am used to having only my index and middle fingers placed on the top of the mouse, however with the placement of the right and left click buttons, that hand position is not going to work with the Meta mouse, you must have three fingers placed on the top of the mouse with only your thumb and pinky finger hanging off the sides of the mouse. Other than that, the mouse was a win in my book, the weight of the mouse was just about perfect for me, while it does not have an adjustable weight, it is not too heavy that it is going to put a lot of stress on your wrist after sitting in front of the computer for hours working on a project. The fact that the Meta can have multiple profiles for different applications is quite a great idea, because sometimes you want have a high dpi setting for browsing the web or using a text editor but when you are using photoshop or another application that requires precision clicking, a lower dpi setting is more helpful. The pre-programmed profiles for the different applications and games does cut the initial setup of the mouse to just changing a few settings to your needs and rearranging the functions to a more desirable button placement for your personal comfort. I was really surprised to see how many different settings there were and how you were able to program the different buttons to carry out different functions when different applications were active. If you are in the market for a new mouse, and you are looking for a very customizable mouse that is going to give you a large amount of buttons to be able to program macros and different functions to, you may just want to check out the WarMouse Meta.



  • Customization
  • Capable of high DPI settings
  • Multiple profiles
  • Pre-programmed buttons
  • Weight



  • Size
  • Button Placement/Design
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  2. Configuration
  3. Specifications & Features
  4. Testing
  5. Conclusion
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