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Apevia Warlock 900W PSU Review

Price: $179.99


Apevia recently released its Warlock power supply series, which come in three flavors: 750W, 900W, and 1100W. This is Apevia's first real venture into the high-end, energy gushing, power supply market and true to the Apevia name, they dressed up the units rather extravagantly. The Warlock shines with its glossy titanium case, which is windowed - rather unusual for a power supply. To top it all off, it's excellently cooled and lit with a user-controllable tri-color 135mm fan, so it can change colors to impress friends and match a case color scheme on the fly.

Apevia is widely known for its highly successful, flashy, and windowed entry-level to mid-range cases. Unfortunately, Apevia's glitzy approach in the PSU market has long been overshadowed with poor performance and quality among the veteran overclockers around the web. I got my hands on the 900 watt model and I'm pretty excited to find out how the Apevia 900W Warlock fares. Today's ultra high-end rigs use more power than ever before and no hardcore enthusiast wants a rig with a poor performing PSU - no matter how good it looks. So, will it fall back with the rest of its pretty, but mediocre performing brothers, or actually shine and make a dent in Apevia's reputation?


Closer Look:

The box itself is pretty self-explanatory. Apevia heavily emphasizes the selectable tri-color fan including red, blue, and green.



I opened up the box and found the Warlock resting comfortably in a protective plastic bag, wedged between two pieces of foam. The packaging looks plenty good to survive the rigors of long distance shipping.


I pulled out the Warlock and also found a short manual, four thumb screws, a standard power cable and Velcro straps for cable management - a nice touch.


Now for the real fun. I was pleasantly surprised with the look of the unit in person, as the Warlock certainly does look rather sharp. The titanium mirror finish first caught my eye - extremely snazzy. As you may tell, I had great difficulty taking photos without getting a shot of myself. Now, the Warlock has a large belly mounted 135mm fan, which is nice, as larger fans are generally quieter than smaller fans, moving the same amount of air or more. The windows are on the front and sides to show off the internals, which is to be lit with the LEDs from the fan. The unit felt very solid and quite heavy - a promising sign of a good PSU.

Looks pretty wild, doesn't it? Well, after I passed the initial excitement, I unexpectedly found an imperfection in the paint. I noticed that the paint has somewhat of a rainbow type shine to it, best seen in the first image of the unit. It looks like the clear, glossy coat was applied incorrectly; however, it is only noticeable when looking at the case under a glare, up close.



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