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Vizo Propeller System Cooler Review

Price: USD 18.99


All computers since the beginning of their history have had to face the problem of heat. This heat can force computers to run at a slower speed or less efficiently than they otherwise might, and in extreme cases, could cause the computers to stop functioning all together. Knowing this, people who build computers, and even more so people who overclock computers, need to be conscious of this heat and take steps to reduce the heat in their systems. Many products have been made to help with this.

One of these products is the Vizo Propeller. The idea with the Propeller is not a new one but is still a pretty cool idea. It works by occupying an empty expansion slot in your case and then uses a turbine style fan to expel air out of the case. The design is very similar to a scaled down version of what is seen now on high end video cards.


Closer Look:

The Vizo Propeller comes in a plastic casing that allows you to see the product through the case. This case lists some of what the product can do, and has the name large and in top center. Also, the case is easily opened by just peeling the two sides apart which is very nice compared to the style of casing that needs scissors to open.





Opening the package reveals the actual product, as simple as it is. The plastic casing, which acts as a chute for the air to leave the case through, is colored blue and is not very long. The product name and Propeller, is also placed on the plastic.


As you can see, the fan is not a traditional fan with large blades, but the “turbine” type which shoots air out in a radial fashion, which should allow the Propeller to shoot more air out of the case faster. On the fan’s center, Vizo is stamped.




Included with the Vizo Propeller is a small set of screws. These screws aren’t quite large enough to allow you to screw the device into an expansion slot, but are the right size to attach the plastic part to the metal bracket part. I’m not sure why Vizo decided to include these screws since the bracket is the only one included and comes attached, but they do.


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