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Vizo Uranus Review





Since the Uranus can be used as an external hard drive through the eSATA cable, I’ll test the transfer rates using HDTach. I will be comparing the times to the internal Seagate 750GB Barracuda, which I reviewed back in June.

Higher = Better

Higher = Better

Lower = Better

Lower = Better

Although eSATA can be considered an extension of your onboard SATA, it seems that when it comes to burst speed, we are losing over one hundred milliseconds. Since I am a firefighter, I will try to explain it in terms which might be more understandable. The problem is due to “Friction Loss”, in this case resistance. “Friction loss” refers to that portion of pressure lost by fluids when moving through a pipe, hose, or other limited space. The longer the hose, the more friction is created. Also, the diameter of the hose plays a big part as the bigger the hose, the less the friction. So when we connect the eSATA cable to the on-board SATA, we are adding friction (resistance), which is changing the burst speeds.


    In the past I have never worried about backing up my systems or having something that I can take anywhere I go. However, as I become more involved in different aspects of computing, I have found a need to save my data and be able to hook it up to any computer to access my work. The Vizo Uranus is a nice addition to my needs as it not only allows me to be more portable by using it as an external hard drive, but I can also back up my most treasured MP3s, documents and applications. I am impressed by the multiple colors to choose from and the fact that it is a one-touch backup for both the system and files. The fan can be a little loud at startup, but once it gets going, I have no issues. The weight of the product will be determined by the type of hard drive you store in it, otherwise it is light. The only setback to some may be the extra cost of a hard drive to use in the enclosure.


  • Portable
  • Light Weight
  • One-Touch Backup
  • eSATA

  • FAT32 for System Backup
  • HDD not Included
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