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VIVO Adjustable Under-Desk Slider PC Mount Review

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VIVO Adjustable Under-Desk Slider PC Mount Introduction:

Last year I reviewed the CASE-V07 and the CASE-V08 from VIVO, and most recently I added the CASE-V10G to the review list. So that makes three cases, but there is more to VIVO than just PC cases - it really has a wide range of PC and TV monitor supporting products, TV carts, projector screens and mounts, height adjustable desks, network cables, and beekeeping accessories! And in this product mix, there is an interesting little PC mount (MOUNT-PC01D) that fits under your desk and keeps your PC neatly tucked away up off the floor.

So why would you want your PC off the floor?  That's one less place for dust to accumulate, which of course makes it is easier to keep things clean. Time to get the mount out of the box!


VIVO Adjustable Under-Desk Slider PC Mount Closer Look:

The box has a picture of the unit by itself and one showing the unit installed under a computer desk. On the side panel, there is a simple graphic listing some dimensional info. This is important to know to make sure your case will fit.


There is not a whole lot to it, and the assembly is fairly simple, as there are really just two pieces. The base plate mounts under your desk, and the support slides into the base plate. There is also a small hardware bag with bumpers, round soft pads, and the mounting screws along with an Allen wrench. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with how the adjustments work before you try to put your PC into the support and make sure you have room under your desk before you start the installation. I usually drill a small pilot hole to avoid splitting the wood when installing any screws. Be sure to install the bumpers on the base plate - they keep the support from sliding out of the base plate. The basic specifications are:

• Sliding Range: 12 inches 
• Adjustable Height: 12 to 21 inches 
• Adjustable Width: 3.5 to 8 inches 
• Rotation: 360° rotation 
• Load Capacity: 22 pounds



After the unit is installed, it will pretty much look like the picture on the right. Of course, the desk has been edited out of the picture so you can see the entire unit. On the right is the CASE-V10G mounted to the unit. Again, familiarize yourself with the adjustments before placing your PC into the support. After you have the PC secured, you can swivel it around a full 360 degrees to access the rear of the PC.


Here is a short video showing the details of the VIVO MOUNT-PC01D. The CASE-V10G goes along for the ride too!

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